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  • 7-April-2005


    Trade and Structural Adjustment: Motor Vehicles; Health Services; International Sourcing of IT

    Case studies include: motor vehicle sector in Japan, Poland, South Africa and Australia; health services in the USA and Mexico, Japan, Philippines and Thailand; international IT sourcing in the United States, India and Europe plus IBM and Infosys.

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  • 11-February-2005

    English, , 61kb

    Mexico fisheries management system

    Information on the administration, legal framework and other aspects of fisheries management in Mexico.

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  • 9-February-2005


    Supporting the contribution of higher education institutions to regional development - reports on Mexico

    View reports relating to a review of higher education institution support of regional development. These reports focus on the region of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

  • 29-November-2004


    Watch the video: OECD/PISA - An overview of progress between 2000 and 2004

    3-minute video explaining what the OECD/PISA programme is and progress made from 2000 to 2004. Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

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  • 28-October-2004

    English, , 149kb

    Mexico: Competition Law and Policy in 2003

    In this report, the country summarizes the main developments in competition law and policy in 2003.

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  • 21-September-2004

    Spanish, , 35kb

  • 14-September-2004

    English, , 34kb

    Education at a Glance 2004 Briefing Note - Mexico

    The 2004 edition of the publication Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries' performance. It provides a rich, comparable and up-to-date array of indicators on the performance of education systems that represent the consensus of professional thinking on how to measure the current state of education internationally. The focus of this edition of Education at a Glance is

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  • 3-September-2004


    Local Entrepreneurship Review, Sinaloa, Mexico

    This half-day conference aimed at presenting the results and evaluating lessons learned from the OECD LEED Entrepreneurship Review of the State of Sinaloa, Mexico, in the light of their applicability to other Mexican states.

  • 3-September-2004


    Desarrollo Empresarial en el Estado de Sinaloa: Compartiendo Buenas Prácticas y Recomendaciones, Ciudad de México, 4 de octubre de 2004

    Este evento presentó los resultados y recomendaciones obtenidos del Estudio del Programa LEED sobre la Iniciativa Empresarial en el Estado de Sinaloa, en vista de su aplicación en otros Estados de la República Mexicana.

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  • 11-août-2004

    Français, , 122kb

    Mexique : Examen de la politique nationale du tourisme

    Le 1er décembre 2000, un nouveau gouvernement a pris ses fonctions. Conformément à la loi sur le Plan (Ley de Planeación), le Plan national de développement 2001-2006, qui expose les grandes orientations dugouvernement pour les six années à venir, a été publié en mai dernier.

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