• 9-May-2003


    Financing Strategies for Water and Environmental Infrastructure

    This book presents a method to develop financing strategies for investment-heavy environmental infrastructure, such as urban water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, and municipal solid waste. The strategies, supported by the FEASIBLE computer model, were developed in several countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA), in EU accession countries and China.

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  • 18-March-2003


    Labour Market and Social Policies in the Baltic Countries

    This review analyses the key issues facing each of the Baltic States - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - given its specific economic and social trends.

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  • 16-July-2002

    English, , 114kb

    Foreign Direct Investment in South-Eastern Europe in the early 2000s

    The aim of this paper is to provide a statistical update of an earlier analysis on FDI in South East European countries and includes Moldova among the countries covered. Various features of FDI in the region and in individual countries are presented in 29 tables. This study, prepared by Gábor Hunya of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies, was commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Economy and Labour.

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  • 11-juin-2001


    Examens des politiques nationales d'éducation - Lettonie

    La réforme des activités d'enseignement et de formation ainsi que la valorisation des ressources humaines font partie intégrante de la transition vers la démocratie et l'économie de marché. La Lettonie a réalisé des progrès dans tous ces domaines depuis le début des réformes en 1990. Tout le problème, pour le ministère de l'Education et de la Science, a été de promouvoir et de favoriser des réformes propres à répondre aux besoins

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  • 2-February-2000


    Competition Law and Policy in the Baltic Countries

    Since regaining independence in the early 1990s, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have developed effective competition policies, as part of a process toward achieving functioning market economies. All three countries have competition laws and competition agencies which enforce them.

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  • 19-May-1998


    Investment Guides: Latvia 1998

    Since 1991, the Latvian Government has conscientiously instituted a number of reforms which led to an increase in the level of foreign investment. Over 1996, foreign investment rose by 60 per cent, and foreign direct investment stocks amounted to US$ 269 per capita at the start of 1997.

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  • 15-August-1993

    English, , 4,377kb

    Exchange Control Policy in Central and Eastern European Countries

    August 1993. This publication seeks to add to the understanding of the problems which policy makers of Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) face in designing and implementing exchange control policies.

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