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  • 4-May-2010


    OECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform - Italy: Better Regulation to Strengthen Market Dynamics

    This review presents a general picture of the overall regulatory reform frameworks in Italy, examining quality regulation, competition policy and professional services.

  • 4-May-2010


    Review of the Italian national civil protection system

    Italy should enforce tougher restrictions on building in areas that risk earthquakes or forest fires and impose tougher sanctions on violations in the face of a growing threat of natural disasters due to climate change, according to the OECD Secretary-General presenting a new OECD report in Rome.

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  • 4-May-2010


    Rassegna sul sistema nazionale di protezione civile in Italia

    Presentazione in Roma della “Rassegna sul Sistema Nazionale di Protezione Civile in Italia”.

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  • 4-May-2010


    Visit of the OECD Secretary-General to Italy (Rome, 4 May 2010)

    During his one-day visit to Italy, Angel Gurría discussed the preparation of the OECD ministerial council meeting 2010, which will be chaired by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and presented two new OECD reports on Italy.

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  • 28-April-2010

    English, , 130kb

    Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship, Executive Summary, Piemonte, Italy

    The following executive summary describes successful practices of regulatory management and competitiveness enhancement in the state of Piemonte, Italy.

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  • 13-April-2010

    English, , 1,152kb

    Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship, Piemonte, Italy

    The following case study describes successful practices of regulatory management and competitiveness enhancement in the state of Piemonte, Italy.

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  • 1-April-2010


    Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship at the Subnational Level

    This working paper is part of the OECD-Mexico initiative “Strengthening of Economic Competition and Regulatory Improvement for Competitiveness”. It summarises the findings of several case studies on best practices to promote regulatory reform and entrepreneurship at the sub-national level.

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  • 16-March-2010

    English, , 479kb

    Agricultural Water Pricing: EU and Mexico

    A study of water (irrigation) pricing in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Mexico, a background report to the book Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agriculture (OECD, 2010).

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  • 10-mars-2010

    Français, , 120kb

    Réformes économiques : Objectif croissance 2010 - Notes par pays - Italie

    Les notes par pays de l’édition de cette année d’Objectif croissance présentent deux particularités. La première tient à la place accordée au contexte actuel de crise et de reprise, tandis que la seconde marque l’arrivée à maturité de l’exercice qui sous-tend Objectif croissance.

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  • 2-February-2010


    Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Italy 2009

    This 2009 IEA review of Italy's energy policies and programmes finds that the Italian government has made substantial progress in a number of sectors since the last IEA in-depth energy policy review in 2003. The success of the green certificate and white certificate schemes and continued reform of the electricity and natural gas supply markets are just a few examples and build on the recommendations contained in the previous review. Nonetheless, many challenges remain.

    Italy recognises the need to diversify its energy supply portfolio to reduce its heavy dependence on fossil fuels and electricity imports, and to decrease its growing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2008, the government announced its intention to recommence the country's nuclear power program and start building a new nuclear power plant by 2013. To do so, Italy must first develop an efficient process for identifying critical energy infrastructure, including nuclear power, and subjecting it to an effective, streamlined siting and permitting process. 

    Italy will face another major challenge in complying with Europe’s new climate and energy package, particularly in relation to renewable energy and emissions targets. The government must step up efforts to comply with its new responsibilities, specifically by developing and putting in place a comprehensive climate change strategy for the years until 2020.  

    In mid-2009, the legislature enacted a wide-ranging new law that will facilitate the emergence of a robust long-term energy policy. The government must respond to this opportunity and elaborate, with industry, a long-term strategy for the development of the energy sector. 

    This review analyses the energy challenges facing Italy and provides sectoral critiques and recommendations for further policy improvements. It is intended to help guide Italy towards a more sustainable energy future.

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