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  • 16-November-2015


    A dash of data: Spotlight on Italian households

    Economic growth (GDP) always gets a lot of attention, but when it comes to determining how people are doing it’s interesting to look at other indicators that focus more on the actual material conditions of households. This blog looks into how households in Italy are doing by looking at a number of alternative indicators.

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  • 19-October-2015


    The Territorial Approach to Food Security and Nutrition Policies

    The FAO, OECD and UNCDF launched a joint multi-year initiative to assess Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) policies from a territorial perspective. This joint initiative will assess, scale up, and pilot innovative policy approaches and governance mechanisms to improve food security and nutrition in rural areas, in both emerging and developing countries.

  • 9-juillet-2015

    Italien, Excel, 1kb

    OECD Employment Outlook 2015: Key finding for Italy (in Italian)

    La ripresa italiana rimarrà timida per un certo periodo. Secondo le più recenti proiezioni OCSE, il PIL crescerà dello 0,6% nel 2015 e dell’1,5% nel 2016, valori al di sotto di quelli attesi sia dell’area Euro che dell’intera OCSE

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  • 18-May-2015


    OECD launches Better Life Index in Italian to help capture the essence of well-being

    Today the OECD unveils its Better Life Index (BLI) in Italian. The BLI is an interactive online platform that offers important insights into how people perceive their own well-being and quality of life. For the first time, Italians will be able to access this instrument in their own language and find out how Italy compares to 35 other countries around the world across 11 dimensions of well-being.

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  • 16-May-2015


    Going beyond GDP – the OECD’s Better Life Index, article by Angel Gurría

    To mark the launch of the OECD Better Life Index in Italian to coincide with Expo Milano 2015, read this article by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 19-February-2015


    Italia: Le riforme assicurano nuove prospettive per rilanciare la crescita e l’occupazione – OCSE

    Cambiare il quadro politico-istituzionale in Italia è fondamentale per garantire che le ambiziose riforme in corso rilancino la crescita e aumentino la qualità della vita, secondo un nuovo rapporto dell’OCSE.

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  • 19-février-2015


    Italie : Les réformes ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives pour la croissance et l’emploi, selon l’OCDE

    La capacité de l’Italie à faire évoluer son cadre politique et institutionnel sera un facteur déterminant de la réussite des réformes ambitieuses lancées pour stimuler la croissance et améliorer le niveau de vie, selon une nouvelle étude de l’OCDE.

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  • 3-February-2015


    Review: The co-operative model in Trentino (Italy) - A case study

    The Trentino co-operative model has gained wide acclaim for its positive economic and social impact upon the territory. Developing a strong understanding of why the model has been so effective is important in identifying those factors which other localities could utilise as potential criticalities.

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  • 29-January-2015


    Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP) 2015 Annual Conference

    Third Annual Conference on the theme of "Fiscal Policies and the Green Economy Transition: Generating Knowledge – Creating Impact" held at the University of Venice from 29 through 30 January 2015. The press release is available.

  • 15-January-2015


    Persistenti disparità regionali nella qualità dell’assistenza sanitaria tra le regioni italiane secondo il nuovo rapporto OCSE

    L’Italia ha migliorato notevolmente la qualità dell’assistenza sanitaria negli ultimi decenni, ma deve affrontare le permanenti forti disparità che permangono tra le regioni, secondo un nuovo rapporto OCSE.

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