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Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment Statistics in the Baltic States


Tallin, Estonia - 16-17 November 1999

Within the framework of the Regional Co-operation Programme with Baltic Countries, the OECD organised a Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Statistics on 16 November 1999, followed by a half-day Seminar on 17 November 1999. Both events, hosted by the Government of Estonia, took place in Tallinn, Estonia, back-to-back with the Conference on FDI Policy and Private Sector Development Development in the Baltic States.

This programme is carried out under auspices of the OECD Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members and benefits from the expertise of the network of experts of the OECD Working Party on Financial Statistics.

The objective of the Workshop and the Seminar was to provide the experience of the OECD in direct investment statistics to the Baltic countries and to establish a dialogue between experts. Moreover, this forum is expected to allow an exchange of views between statisticians and users of the FDI statistics.

Participants were experts from central banks, national statistics offices, and investment agencies from OECD member and Baltic countries.

The following documents from the meeting can be downloaded in pdf file format:



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