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  • 18-April-2018


    Mobilising investment in clean energy infrastructure

    Investment in clean energy infrastructure needs to be scaled up to support the broader development, economic and climate agenda. This will require leveraging private investment, however investment in this area remains constrained by barriers, including market and government failures. This page describes what tools the OECD provides to governments to create an enabling environment for investment flows to clean energy infrastructure.

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  • 4-April-2018


    Appointing authorities and the selection of arbitrators in investor-state dispute settlement

    The consultation on appointing authorities and the selection of arbitrators in investor-state dispute settlement paper and comments received are being made available in order to foster informed public and inter-governmental debate.

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  • 3-avril-2018

    Français, Excel, 2,036kb

    Code de l'OCDE de libération des mouvements de capitaux

    Cette publication présente le texte intégral du Code de l’OCDE de la Libération des Mouvements de Capitaux en vertu duquel les pays adhérents ont accepté des obligations juridiquement contraignantes. Elle permet une comparaison du degré de libéralisation atteint par chaque pays adhérent en relation aux mouvements de capitaux à la date de Mars 2018.

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  • 29-March-2018


    Call for candidates: OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct seeks a new Chair

    29/03/2018 - The OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct is seeking candidates for a new Chairs to assist in implementing and promoting the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

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  • 12-March-2018


    Conference on treaty shopping and tools for investment treaty reform

    Paris, 12 March 2018 - The fourth annual OECD Investment Treaty Conference addressed treaty shopping -- a controversial investment treaty issue of policy interest for many governments and stakeholders -- and explored tools to help interested governments improve their investment treaty policies.

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  • 30-January-2018


    Investment policy reform in Viet Nam

    The government of the Viet Nam, in partnership with the OECD and ASEAN, is undertaking a review of its investment policies as part of an active programme of investment policy reforms to make the country a more attractive destination for investors.

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  • 19-January-2018


    Societal benefits and costs of International Investment Agreements: A critical review of aspects and available empirical evidence

    This paper reviews alleged societal benefits and costs of International Investment Agreements (IIAs) as suggested by academia, governments, business and civil society. It sets out the wide range of issues that diverse actors have proposed in the context of assessing the societal benefits and costs of IIAs.

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  • 24-November-2017


    Adjudicator Compensation Systems and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

    Compensation for adjudicators is generally considered as a core issue for judicial independence and for attracting good judges in the institutional design for courts. This paper examines compensation systems for adjudicators and dispute settlement administrators in investor-state dispute settlement. The paper uses in part a comparative perspective based on approaches in domestic courts in advanced economies.

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  • 9-November-2017

    English, PDF, 773kb

    Inventory of investment measures taken between 16 February 2017 and 15 September 2017

    The “Freedom of Investment" (FOI) process hosted by the OECD Investment Committee monitors investment policy developments in the 58 economies that participate in the process. This report covers investment measures taken between 16 February 2017 and 15 September 2017.

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  • 31-octobre-2017

    Français, PDF, 881kb

    Traitement national des entreprises sous contrôle étranger : Liste des mesures notifiées par pays au titre de la transparence

    Les signataires de la Déclaration de l’OCDE sur l'investissement international et les entreprises multinationales s’engagent à informer l’Organisation de toutes les mesures qui ont un effet sur le traitement national. Le présent rapport publie les listes par pays des mesures autres que les « exceptions au traitement national » notifiées à des fins de transparence.

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