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Western Balkans Regional Competitiveness Initiative: Experts’ workshop


Paris, 2–3 June 2010

This workshop brought together experts from the Western Balkans, OECD countries and officials from the European Commission, European Training Foundation, South East Europe Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and the Regional Cooperation Council to:

  • discuss key policy barriers affecting human capital development and private sector innovation in the economies of the Western Balkans 
  • identify potential forms of capacity building support which could assist public administrations in the region to expedite reforms related to human capital development and innovation

The first day of the workshop focused on innovation-enhancing policies and programmes for business. Experts noted the importance of using the right metrics to track and assess innovative activities of firms as well as encouraging greater linkages between academia and the private sector. The second day of the workshop examined issues related to human capital development such as skills gaps measurement and analysis. Experts recognised that the use of skills gaps analysis tools is uneven across the Western Balkan region and that capacity building support in this area would be useful.


This meeting was organised by the OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe within the framework of the EU-funded Western Balkans Regional Competitiveness Initiative.



Introduction to the Western Balkans Regional Competitiveness Initiative, Mr. Milan Konopek, OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe

Strengthening the capacities and infrastructure of Innovation in Serbia, Dr. Djuro Kutlaca, Mihajlo Pupin Institute

Priorities in Innovation Policy for Western Balkan Countries within the RCI, Dr. Slavo Radosevic, University College London

Presentation of Balkan Regional Applied Innovation Network, Mr. Elvir Causevic, Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

Innovation Policy Recommendations for the Western Balkan Countries,  Dr. Stephen Roper, Warwick Business School





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