• 18-April-2013


    OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit Workshop on Communication Services: Summary of Proceedings

    The Committee on Consumer Policy is conducting a series of multi-stakeholder workshops to see how policies in key markets could be strengthened, using the framework and approaches developed in the OECD Consumer Policy Toolkit. Communication services were the topic of the first workshop, held in October 2011. This paper provides a summary of the proceedings, which focused on marketing practices, contract terms, and billing issues.

  • 4-April-2013


    Exploring the Economics of Personal Data: A Survey of Methodologies for Measuring Monetary Value

    This report takes an initial look at methodologies to measure and estimate the monetary value of personal data, which is creating economic and social value at an increasing pace. But measuring and estimating its value is difficult. This is because not only a huge amount of personal data is being generated, but also as it is used in many different situations and for numerous purposes.

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  • 28-March-2013


    Protecting and Empowering Consumers in the Purchase of Digital Content Products

    While consumer demand for digital goods has increased rapidly in recent years, a range of challenges undermine confidence in the market and require policy attention.

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  • 5-March-2013


    Broadband Networks and Open Access

    This report examines "open access" policies and approaches in various contexts, including fixed and mobile access networks, backhaul and backbone networks, undersea cables and Internet exchange points (IXPs).

  • 7-February-2013


    Empowering and Protecting Consumers in the Internet Economy

    This report shows that despite the financial crisis, business-to-consumer e-commerce has grown steadily across the OECD, spurred by the spread of mobile devices, easy-to-use payment mechanisms and participative web tools such as price comparisons or consumer ratings. Trust in e-commerce, however, remains challenged by many issues.

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  • 30-January-2013


    Summary of the OECD Workshop on Product Risk Assessment

    This April 2012 workshop provided a forum for critically evaluating the different risk assessment practices being used in various jurisdictions while gathering the views of stakeholders from governments, businesses, consumers and academia.

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  • 21-January-2013


    Building Blocks for Smart Networks

    In 2017 a household with two teenagers will have 25 Internet connected devices. In 2022 this will rise to 50, compared with only 10 today. In households in the OECD alone there will be 14 billion connected devices, up from 1.7 billion today and this doesn’t take into account everything outside the household and outside the OECD. All this leads to the smart world discussed in this paper.

  • 21-décembre-2012


    Science, technologie et industrie : Perspectives de l'OCDE 2012

    À partir des dernières informations et indicateurs disponibles, cet ouvrage examine les principales tendances politiques et les performances des pays de l’OCDE et de grandes économies émergentes dans un certain nombre de domaines liés à la science et à l’innovation.

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  • 20-December-2012


    Improving the Evidence Base for Information Security and Privacy Policies: Understanding the Opportunities and Challenges related to Measuring Information Security, Privacy and the Protection of Children Online

    This report provides an overview of existing data and statistics in the fields of information security, privacy and the protection of children online. It highlights the potential for the development of better indicators in these respective fields showing in particular that there is an underexploited wealth of empirical data that, if mined and made comparable, will enrich the current evidence base for policy making.

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  • 19-December-2012


    The Development and Diffusion of Digital Content

    Viewers are watching a growing share of video via Internet-based distribution systems. New digital content distribution services are having appreciable impacts on established media industries and network service providers in many OECD countries. This paper argues that convergence should be taken as the rule, rather than the exception. Careful application of best practices can address most policy concerns.

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