• 25-October-2013


    Open Government Data

    Open Government Data is a philosophy - and increasingly a set of policies - that promotes transparency, accountability and value creation by making government data available to all.

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  • 11-October-2013


    Privacy Expert Group Report on the Review of the 1980 OECD Privacy Guidelines

    The work of the expert group played an essential role in a process which concluded in July 2013 with the adoption by the OECD Council of the first revisions to the OECD Privacy Guidelines since their original release in 1980. This document identifies a number of issues that were raised but not fully addressed as part of the review process and which could be considered as candidates for possible future study.

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  • 4-October-2013


    ICTs and the Health Sector: Towards Smarter Health and Wellness Models

    The future sustainability of health systems will depend on how well governments are able to anticipate and respond to efficiency and quality of care challenges. Bold action is required, as well as willingness to test innovative care delivery approaches. This book examines the whole new world of possibilities in using mobiles and the Internet to address healthcare challenges.

  • 23-September-2013


    The Internet Economy on the Rise: Progress since the Seoul Declaration

    This publication reviews progress made since 2008 and identifies areas for future work. It demonstrates that the Internet economy has now reached a point where it has become a new source of growth, with the potential to boost the whole economy, to foster innovation, competitiveness and user participation, and to contribute effectively to the prosperity of society as a whole.

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  • 31-July-2013


    Ensuring Global Participation in the Internet Economy for Development

    This report aims at analysing key parts of the Internet economy and how they contribute to an inclusive development in emerging and developing countries. It looks at increasing access to the Internet economy; promoting use of health, education and mobile banking applications; developing skills for the Internet economy; and the role of innovation and new business models such as cloud computing for developing and emerging countries.

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  • 26-July-2013


    Electronic and Mobile Commerce

    Technological improvements that facilitate commerce can reduce transaction costs, provide more information to participants, boost access to a wider array of products, lead to efficiency gains and result in welfare improvements for the entire economy. This paper presents the current state of development of e-commerce and aims to inform policy makers about emerging market solutions to long-standing barriers.

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  • 12-July-2013


    Measuring the Internet Economy: A Contribution to the Research Agenda

    Given the growing importance of the Internet as a policy tool, the question about the value of the Internet economy becomes particularly relevant. There is a high level of interest, therefore, in being able to measure the size of the Internet economy as a way to understand the effects of various investment strategies, regulatory rulings and policy decisions.

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  • 11-juillet-2013


    Perspectives des communications de l’OCDE

    Publiées tous les deux ans, les Perspectives des communications de l’OCDE présentent un large éventail d’indicateurs du développement des différents réseaux de communications et compare les indicateurs de performances tels que les recettes, les investissements, l’emploi et les prix des services dans la zone OCDE.

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  • 8-July-2013


    Review of the Seoul Declaration for the Future of the Internet Economy: Synthesis Report

    This paper provides a synthesis of the review of the recommendations set out in the Seoul Declaration of 2008, and their implementation at the national and international levels. It focuses on high-speed infrastructure, digital content and green ICTs, smarter applications, cybersecurity and privacy, protecting consumers, an open Internet economy, and global participation for development.

  • 4-July-2013


    Mobile Handset Acquisition Models

    This paper examines the relationship between the prices for mobile communication services and handsets, focusing on smartphones. The objective is to better understand different business models and how they may affect price comparisons. The report also provides pricing information from selected operators in 12 OECD countries for 2012.

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