• 28-April-2008


    OECD Public Management Reviews - Ireland: Towards an Integrated Public Service

    Ireland's economic success story is one that many OECD countries would like to emulate. Of the many factors linked to this success, the public sector’s role is key. This report analyses what the sector has accomplished so far, how it can keep renewing itself, and how it can perpetuate its success.

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  • 29-février-2008


  • 25-October-2007


    OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2007

    Bringing together over 200 internationally comparable quality indicators to explore the progress of national innovation strategies and recent developments in science, technology and industry.

  • 3-October-2007


    Participative Web and User-Created Content: Web 2.0, Wikis and Social Networking

    This study describes the rapid growth of user-created Web content and its increasing role in worldwide communication, and draws out implications for policy.

  • 18-June-2007


    OECD e-Government Studies: Netherlands

    This report examines whether the goal of reducing administrative burdens is sufficient in itself for e-government to transform public administrations, and ways governmental cross-level partnerships to deliver ICT-enabled services may simplify the relationship with citizens and businesses.

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  • 9-mars-2007

    Français, , 241kb

    Économie de l'information -- Définitions sectorielles fondées sur la classification internationale type par industrie (CITI 4)

    Le présent document traduit le consensus de l'OCDE sur la liste des activités économiques (branches) de l'économie de l'information (définitions du secteur des TIC et du secteur des contenus et des supports) établie sur la base de la CITI rév. 4.

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  • 9-mars-2007

    Français, , 302kb

    La classification des services liés aux technologies de l'information et de la communication (TIC)

    La définition (classification) des services des TIC présentée ici fait partie d'un ensemble de définitions incluant aussi celle du secteur et celle des biens. Celles-ci sont essentielles à la production de différentes statistiques sur les TI

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  • 23-November-2006

    English, , 524kb

    Evolution in the Management of Country Code Top-Level Domain Names (ccTLDs)

    This paper aims to provide a general overview of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) across the OECD area as well as in other areas that are experiencing high growth in the use of ccTLDs

  • 26-October-2006

    English, , 272kb

    ICT diffusion to business: Peer review. Country Report Mexico

    Mexico faces structural challenges and ICT can help improve economic performance and increase competitiveness.

  • 20-April-2006

    English, , 502kb

    OECD Input to the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance

    This report was prepared as an input by the OECD to the United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG).

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