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  • 8-February-2008


    WPIE workshop on public sector information

    The Socioeconomic Effects of Public Sector Information on Digital Networks: Toward a Better Understanding of Different Access and Reuse Policies

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  • 29-November-2007


    OECD Conference on Innovation in the Software Sector, 29-30 November 2007

    This conference considered innovation in the software sector from an economic perspective, taking into account the factors that drive innovation, including key framework conditions.

  • 30-July-2007


    e-book: “Social and Economic Factors Shaping the Future of the Internet”, NSF/OECD Workshop proceedings, 31 January 2007

    e-book "Social and Economic Factors Shaping the Future of the Internet" - Summary of the proceedings of NSF / OECD workshop, held at the United States National Science Foundation in Washington D.C., on 31 January 2007

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  • 22-December-2006

    English, , 139kb

    OECD BIAC WPIE-CISP Workshop - Online Audiovisual Services, Film and Video: Issues for Achieving Growth and Policy Objectives

    The aim of this workshop has been to identify and scope the main issues relating to raise of new online, content/-rich audiovisual services and related business and policy challenges.

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  • 21-December-2006

    English, , 275kb

    OECD Workshop on Public Sector Information: Summary

    Summary of the WPIE workshop on public sector information now available.

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  • 9-August-2006

    English, , 280kb

    Workshop "the Future of the Internet" proceedings

    This document contains the proceedings of the OECD workshop, “Future of the Internet”, held in Paris on 8 March 2006.

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  • 15-June-2006


    Agenda - Panel session on ICTs and Globalisation: China and India, Paris 2 June 2006

    Agenda: panel session - ICTs and globalisation: China and India

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  • 8-April-2004

    English, , 355kb

    Report of the February 2004 OECD Workshop on Spam

    The objective of the workshop was to explore the growing problem of spam, with a particular focus on its international dimension.

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  • 16-February-2004


    Report on the OECD Forum Session on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

    The key themes of this one day Forum provided the basis for OECD governments and other stakeholders to identify the benefits and limits of PETs for businesses and individual users, and better envision how the development and use of such tools should be further encouraged at the global level.

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