• 17-October-2003

    English, , 172kb

    ICCP Broadband Update

    Selected graphs on broadband take-up and penetration, diffusion of consumer goods and communications services, and availability of DSL.

  • 25-October-2002


  • 24-October-2002


  • 23-October-2002


  • 22-October-2002


  • 21-October-2002


  • 27-août-2001


    OECD Telecommunications Database 2001

    Provides over 100 time series of data of indicators on telecommunications such as network infrastructure, revenues, expenses and investment of operators, trade in telecommunications equipment, and others.

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  • 1-June-2000

    English, , 54kb

    OECD Telecommunications Basket Definitions, June 2000

    OECD-Teligen Ltd. Telephone tariff baskets methodology.

  • 28-October-1998

    English, , 457kb

    Internet Infrastructure Indicators

    The Internet stands out as an extremely dynamic medium, even by the standards of rapid change which increasingly characterise the communications sector. In large part, due to this dynamism, Internet governance best lends itself to self-regulatory...

  • 27-janvier-1998

    Français, , 202kb

    Le secteur du logiciel : un profil statistique pour certains pays de l'OCDE (STI Digital Economy Paper 33)

    By constructing a statistical profile of one of the most rapidly growing information and communication technology (ICT) industries, the software industry, this paper raises issues which are at the heart of the changes that are taking place as the information economy spreads.

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