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  • 10-April-2019


    Digital Innovation - Seizing Policy Opportunities

    This report discusses how the digital transformation – digital technologies, data and software, AI-based analytics and other advances – is changing innovation processes and outcomes. It highlights the general trends across the economy and factors behind sector-specific dynamics, including increasing use of data as a key input for innovation, the expanding possibilities for experimentation offered by virtual simulation, 3D printing and other digital technologies, and the growing focus on services innovation enabled by digital technologies.In view of such changes, this report evaluates how innovation policies should adapt to foster innovation and inclusive development in the digital age, and identifies priority areas for policy action. It also explores novel innovation policy approaches implemented by countries to foster digital technology adoption and collaborative innovation.
  • 12-mars-2019


    Sommet sur la transformation numérique : l’OCDE appelle à plus d’efforts pour réduire les fractures numériques, développer les compétences et élargir l’accès aux données

    Si la transformation numérique est en bonne marche, sa portée et son rythme varient sensiblement selon les pays, les secteurs, les individus et les territoires. Or la transition amorcée ne profitera pleinement aux économies et aux sociétés que si les pouvoirs publics redoublent d’efforts pour préparer les entreprises, les particuliers et les politiques au monde numérique, a indiqué aujourd’hui l’OCDE.

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  • 11-March-2019


    Measuring the Digital Transformation - A Roadmap for the Future

    Measuring the Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for the Future provides new insights into the state of the digital transformation by mapping indicators across a range of areas – from education and innovation, to trade and economic and social outcomes – against current digital policy issues, as presented in Going Digital: Shaping Policies, Improving Lives. In so doing, it identifies gaps in the current measurement framework, assesses progress made towards filling these gaps and sets-out a forward-looking measurement roadmap. The goal is to expand the evidence base, as a means to lay the ground for more robust policies for growth and well-being in the digital era.
  • 8-March-2019


    BBVA big data on online credit card transactions: The patterns of domestic and cross-border e-commerce

    This report uses a standard gravity setup to analyse the determinants of e-commerce, using data on online credit card payments by private Spanish customers of the multinational bank BBVA.

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  • 7-March-2019

    English, PDF, 399kb

    Data in the digital age - policy note

    The growing interactions between data, algorithms and big data analytics, connected things and people are opening huge new opportunities. But they are also giving rise to issues around “data governance” at the national and international levels.

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  • 6-March-2019

    English, PDF, 560kb

    Unlocking the potential of e-commerce - policy note

    Technological change and business model innovations are altering the e-commerce landscape, and these new developments affect policy frameworks along several dimensions. Policies should be coordinated to unlock the potential of e-commerce for all.

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  • 4-March-2019


    Business dynamics and digitalisation

    This paper analyses the role of the digital transformation for business dynamics across countries. The analysis combines unique harmonised data on business dynamics for 15 countries with a multi-dimensional measure of digital intensity that takes into account different facets of the digital transformation.

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  • 1-March-2019

    English, PDF, 544kb

    Enhancing access and connectivity to harness digital transformation - policy note

    Digital transformation can only be fully realised if high quality access to communication networks and services is made available at affordable prices for all people and firms no matter who they are or where they live.

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  • 28-février-2019


    Statistiques du haut débit de l'OCDE

    La part de la fibre représente désormais le quart des abonnements au haut débit fixe dans les pays de l’OCDE.

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  • 26-février-2019


    Il faut saisir les opportunités offertes par les technologies numériques pour améliorer le bien‑être, mais aussi parer aux risques

    Selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE, les technologies numériques peuvent nous aider à mieux vivre, mais elles risquent aussi d’accentuer les inégalités sociales et de barrer la route à ceux d’entre nous qui ne possèdent pas les compétences nécessaires pour évoluer dans le cyberenvironnement en toute sécurité.

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