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The OECD organised a workshop on the "Future of the Internet" on 8 March 2006 in Paris. Workshop participants were encouraged to participate in the email "Forum" discussion that took place from Tuesday 14 to Wednesday 29 March 2006. Contributions to the email discussion on the “Future of the Internet” are posted on this page (at issues and ideas emerging out of the workshop and the subsequent email discussion will be a central focus of the OECD’s work going forward.

The following questions try to capture some important issues that were brought forward on March 8th and subsequent discussion:

  1. The Internet is now a critical infrastructure and a global platform for communication and commerce. What should be the role of governments in its development and management?
  2. The Internet is challenging existing business models. How can we ensure there is sufficient investment to meet the network capacity demands of new applications and of an expanding base of users?
  3. Innovation is taking place at the edges of the network. How do we ensure that this continues and how can it be enhanced?
  4. The Internet is perceived as not being secure, nor does it protect privacy. What steps should be taken to improve security and privacy and by whom?
  5. Ubiquitous networks are being deployed. What are the drivers of these developments? What will be the impacts on individuals and society?

We would welcome your feedback on any additional issues which need further elaboration.

Some initial thoughts on OECD discussion _ Bill St Arnaud 16 Mar. 06
IPv6 Forum Contribution to the OECD Discussion Forum IPv6 Forum Contribution to the OECD Discussion Forum 1 Latif Ladid, Jim Bound;
Mark Handley
19 Mar. 06
Contributions from Italy 1 Luisa Francha, Daniela Battisti 20 Mar. 06
India TRAI Contribution Contributions from Italy _ Satyen Gupta 21 Mar. 06
Contribution from GOTAPP _ Jean Marc Levy Dreyfus 21 Mar. 06
First round of answers Contributions from Italy _ Mike Nelson 27 Mar. 06
Contribution from CAIDA 1 Tom Vest and KC Claffy
Bill St ArnaudMike Nelson
29 Mar. 06
Contribution from WSIS-SIContributions from Italy _ Francis F. Muguet 29 Mar. 2006
Additional issues from Sagamore Institute for Policy Research - Roland J. Cole 30 Mar. 06

Guidelines to promote effective discussion:

  • Please send your opinions to the list FutureInternet @
  • Please try to keep your postings short and to the point (with a target maximum length of 300 words per posting).
  • Please do not attach documents to your postings but feel free to cite a URL instead.
  • Please remember to include your name and affiliation at the end of your post.
  • You may wish to change the subject line on your posting to better reflect its contents.

Postings may be made public on this page. Please email Karine Perset karine.perset @ for any additional questions.


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