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Schooling for Tomorrow: Scenario Indicators and Analysis


The Task

Having developed the Schooling for Tomorrow scenarios in the previous phase, the analytical task is now to operationalise and measure them. This will allow the assessment of where each "system" stands on a cluster of measures that relate to each of the six scenarios. This could eventually be fine-tuned to a province/state and to the different levels of schooling, not just national school systems. Such an exercise will:

  • make assessments of a system's progress towards one or other of the scenarios a matter more of empirical evidence and less of ideological preference;
  • offer a lighter, flexible, forward-looking instrument to complement the "heavy" historical assessments of international survey data. It will not rely solely on quantitative data, still less only internationally comparable statistics;
  • provide a framework within which to interpret numerous existing indicators and assessments, quantitative and qualitative, relating to schooling.

The Approach

The task can be approached through three components/stages:

  1. Identify and develop measures encapsulating the five scenario dimensions
  2. Provide evidence on each of the measures
  3. "Read" the results for their fit with each scenario.


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