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  • 21-September-2015


    Putting the information revolution to work for water

    Making sense of and communicating data requires imagination and creativity. The bolder and more ambitious we are, the better we can produce, analyse and communicate policy-relevant data to support better water policies for better lives.

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  • 6-July-2015


    Keynote speech on the future of productivity: Productivity by all and for all

    During these difficult years, productivity growth has slowed down, reviving fears that we are now entering a period of poor growth and low job creation. One of the main challenges facing our countries is what to do to re-launch productivity, the main factor of long-term growth, and how to do it. This has been the focus of the report we are launching today entitled “The Future of Productivity”.

  • 9-November-2014


    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' Meeting: Summit Dialogue on Economic Reforms

    Because the OECD is not only a “Global Standard Setter and a house for best practices”. It is also a pathfinder for effective implementation and we will be very proud to share our experience and expertise with APEC member economies and their business circles to develop innovative ideas and practical tools for competitive economies and inclusive societies!

  • 27-juin-2014


    Remise du rapport Examens de l'OCDE des politiques d'innovation : la France

    La France peut faire davantage pour mieux soutenir l’innovation dans le secteur privé et améliorer la répartition des financements publics. Il est essentiel de finaliser la mise en œuvre des réformes nécessaires pour une meilleure politique de recherche et d’innovation et une relance de la compétitivité, a déclaré le Secrétaire général de l’OCDE.

  • 10-June-2014


    Round-table on “Societies and the Imperative of Innovation”

    As advanced economies struggle to consolidate recovery from the deepest financial crisis in modern times, promoting innovation becomes critically important to develop new products, new services, and new ways of doing thing, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 10-April-2014


    Launch of “Making Innovation Policy Work – Learning from Experimentation”

    The report highlights the importance of taking a more experimental approach to innovation policy, one that is based on systematic evaluation and improvement, learning from both successes and failures. More importantly, it provides examples of how to put this experimental approach into practice, said OECD Secretary-General in Washington.

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  • 25-October-2013


    Launch of three OECD Reviews in the context of Colombia’s OECD Accession Process

    The reviews that we are presenting today are a clear example of the type of benefits that Colombia will derive from its accession to the OECD. They are also a testament to the vision shown by President Santos’s Government in promoting best practices in these areas through closer association with the OECD.

  • 5-June-2013


    Innovation: the next frontier?

    The growing food security and poverty challenges that we face deserve our special attention. Experience has shown that only through sharing best practices and lessons learned can we develop more targeted policies and coordinate our efforts at promoting agricultural development through innovation, said Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 18-March-2012


    Promoting Technological Innovation for New Sources of Growth

    Innovation is a central element of China’s reform agenda. Chinese innovations have benefited the world throughout history. Today, with the right policy mix, China could continue to inspire new scientific and technological advances, helping to revitalize the global economy.

  • 12-September-2011


    Better innovation policies for better lives

    We must reboot our economies with a more intelligent type of growth, driven by new start-ups, innovative small and medium enterprises. We need new ideas, new business models, greener technologies but we also need new skills. Thus, innovation go hand in hand with education and knowledge.

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