• 10-December-2010


    Denmark: Efficient e-Government for Smarter Public Service Delivery

    This review is the first to analyse e-government at the country level using a revised framework designed to capture the new challenges faced by countries today. It highlights the richness of initiatives and actions taken by Denmark in relation to a number of areas.

  • 6-December-2010


    The Impacts of Nanotechnology on Companies: Policy Insights from Case Studies

    This book examines the potential economic impacts of nanotechnology, how companies are using nanotechnology for innovation, and what the key challenges in its commercialisation might be.

  • 24-November-2010


    Reviews of National Policies for Education: Santa Catarina State, Brazil 2010

    This report will be useful for professionals in Santa Catarina as well as their Brazilian and international counterparts.

  • 22-November-2010


    Denmark - Efficient E-Government for Smarter Public Service Delivery

    Denmark is at the forefront of efforts made by countries around the world to provide and use online services and to boost a more efficient and effective public sector.

  • 19-November-2010


    Innovative Workplaces: Making Better Use of Skills within Organisations

    This book shows how interaction within organisations, as well as individual and organisational learning and training, are important for innovation. It will interest policy makers in education, employment and innovation as well as business leaders and academics.

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  • 20-October-2010


    Avaliações de Políticas Nacionais de Educação: Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil

    Esta análise da OCDE apresenta uma breve visão global do setor da educação no Estado de Santa Catarina e das suas recentes evoluções.

  • 4-October-2010


    Innovative Workplaces: Making Better Use of Skills within Organisations

    This volume shows that interaction within organisations - as well as individual and organisational learning and training - are important for innovation. .

  • 1-September-2010


    Innovation and the Development Agenda

    Innovation drives long-term economic growth. This book examines the role of innovation in developing countries, with a focus on Africa.

  • 31-août-2010


    L'éco-innovation dans l'industrie : Favoriser la croissance verte

    Cet ouvrage a pour objet de fournir des outils d’évaluation comparative de la durabilité de la production et de stimuler l’éco-innovation moyennant une meilleure compréhension des mécanismes de l’innovation.

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  • 31-August-2010


    Reviews of National Policies for Education - Chile’s International Scholarship Programme

    This report reviews Chile’s scholarship abroad scheme and provides an overview of best practices for scholarship programmes at the international level. In addition it analyses the design and institutional framework of the Chilean programme and recommends ways to maintain and improve the scheme.

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