• 29-mai-2012

    Français, , 815kb

    Nouvelles sources de croissance : les actifs intellectuels - Conclusions intermédiaires du projet - C-MIN(2012)12-REV1

    Dans les économies de l'OCDE, les investissements et la croissance sont de plus en plus souvent déterminés par les actifs intellectuels.

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  • 24-May-2012

    English, , 517kb

    New Sources of Growth: Knowledge-Based Capital Driving Investment and Productivity in the 21st Century - Interim Project Findings

    This project aims to provide evidence of the economic value of knowledge-based capital as a new source of growth and improve understanding of current and emerging challenges for policy.

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  • 21-mars-2012

    Français, , 4,346kb

    Lignes directrices pour des prestations de qualité dans l'enseignement supérieur transfontalier : état des lieux

    Lignes directrices pour des prestations de qualité dans l'enseignement supérieur transfontalier : état des lieux

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  • 21-March-2012

    English, Excel, 4,194kb

    Guidelines for quality provision in cross-border higher education: where do we stand?

    The Guidelines for quality provision in cross-border higher education were developed and adopted to support and encourage international cooperation and enhance the understanding of the importance of quality provision in cross-border higher education.

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  • 9-March-2012

    Spanish, , 9,057kb

  • 1-December-2011


    OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Peru

    This book provides a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of Peru, focusing on the role of government. It provides concrete recommendations and identifies good practices on how to improve policies that affect innovation performance.

  • 14-October-2011


    Business Innovation Policies: Selected Country Comparisons

    This study examines trends in and key features of policies and programmes used by governments to support innovation in the business sector.

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  • 13-October-2011



    This report aims to foster a better understanding on how to leverage the economic and social impacts of the implementation of the Internet into mobile devices to enable ubiquitous governments, sustain public sector innovation and transform public service delivery.

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  • 20-septembre-2011


  • 12-September-2011


    Fostering Innovation for Green Growth

    This book draws on work on green innovation across several parts of the OECD to show how it can drive sustainable growth and job creation. It explores policy actions for the deployment of new technologies and innovations as they emerge.

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