Podcast: Agricultural innovation - EuroChoices interview with Ken Ash, OECD Trade and Agriculture Director


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Demand for food and feed is increasing worldwide. At the same time, there is greater pressure on land, water and biodiversity. Agriculture policymakers face the challenge of increasing innovation, improving agricultural productivity growth and make more efficient use of available natural resources.

In this interview for EuroChoices, OECD Trade and Agriculture Director Ken Ash (pictured left) explains the role that innovation will play in the future of food.

Listen to the podcast  (5 mins 22 secs; opens in Windows Media)

This podcast accompanies EuroChoices Volume 12, No. 1 (2013) - a special issue on innovation in agri-food.

EuroChoices is a full-colour, peer-reviewed journal that aims to improve public understanding of the work and ideas of agri-food and rural resource economists. It is produced by the Agricultural Economics Society in association with the European Association of Agricultural Economists, and published on the Wiley Online Library at

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