Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies



Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies

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Published: December 2013

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Main findings

Policy-makers have high hopes for public research as a new source of growth. This research has been the source of significant scientific and technological breakthroughs that have become major innovations. Well-known examples include the Global Positioning System (GPS), MP3 technology, and Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology.

The substantial economic benefits from public research, and demands by governments to reap them, have led to increased efforts toward more direct engagement in downstream commercialisation activities. In light of this, institutions and infrastructures that support the networks and markets for transferring and commercialising public research results are being reviewed across many OECD countries, as traditional approaches and models are facing considerable limitations and may be restraining further scientific advance and broader innovation.

The OECD report Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies looks closely at this evolution and provides a comprehensive review of government and institutional level policies aimed at enhancing the transfer and exploitation of public research results. The publication also compares performance in OECD countries, universities and public research institutions using both traditional and new indicators.



Executive Summary | Introduction

Knowledge transfer channels and the commercialisation of public research

Benchmarking knowledge transfer and commercialisation

Policies to enhance the transfer and commercialisation of public research

Financing of public research-based spin-offs

Looking ahead: National policy implications

National periodic surveys and institutional data on patent applications and industry-university co-publications

Selected national programmes to support knowledge transfer and commercialisation of public research



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