Statistiques sur l'entreprenariat et les entreprises

Services Statistics: Useful publications and databases


Services activity measures and indicators

=> National Accounts of OECD Countries - Detailed Tables  
=> Quarterly National Accounts Extract from OECD database
=> Labour Force Statistics Extract from the database
=> Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard  
=> STAN Database  
=> Structural and Demographic Business Statistics  
=> UN National Accounts Database  
=> World Tourism Organisation - Facts and Figures  


Statistics of international trade in services

=> Statistics on International Trade in Services Extract sfrom database
=> Statistics on International Trade in ServicesDetailed Tables by Partner Country Extracts from database
=> Measuring Globalisation - The Role of Multinationals in OECD Economies- Volume II Services Extract from the database
=> Eurostat New Cronos Database  
=> WTO International Trade Statistics  
=> UN ServiceTrade Database  
=> Services Industries Trends - SITrends   


Short-term Indicators of Services Output

=> OECD Main Economic Indicators  (Only available monthly for a few countries)  


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