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  • 31-May-2005


    Dynamics of Biotechnology Research and Industry in India: Statistics, Perspectives and Key Policy Issues (STI Working Paper 2005/6)

    This paper provides an inventory of biotechnology data collection in India, including an assessment of how the need for biotechnology-related statistics is being addressed. It also presents an overview of the status of biotechnology in India, with a focus on the agricultural and health sectors.

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  • 30-May-2005


    Measuring the Interaction Between Manufacturing and Services (STI Working Paper 2005/5)

    This paper examines the interaction between services and manufacturing using several types of data and shows that the distinction between manufacturing and services is blurring. It also shows that a growing share of workers in the manufacturing sector is engaged in services-related occupations.

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  • 11-February-2005


    The Service Economy in OECD Countries (STI Working Paper 2005/3)

    The service sector accounts for about 70% of aggregate production and employment in OECD economies and continues to grow. Countries differ, however, in the role and performance of the service sector. This paper examines the performance of the services sector across OECD countries.

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  • 8-October-2004


    Handbook on Hedonic Indexes and Quality Adjustments in Price Indexes: Special Application to Information Technology Products (STI Working Paper 2004/9)

    This handbook reviews the methods employed in price indexes to adjust for quality change: “conventional” quality adjustment methods and hedonic price indexes.

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  • 1-October-2004

    Russian, , 887kb

    2004/4 - Косвенная экспроприация и право на регулирование в международном инвестиционном праве

    This article on "Indirect Expropriation" and the "Right to Regulate" in International Investment Lawwas translated into Russian by Dr. Marina Trunk-Fedorova, LL.M. and published in Die Rechtslage von Auslandsinvestitionen in Transformationslaendern – Legal issues of foreign investment in transition countries. Liber Amicorum to Professor Wolfgang Seiffert, former Director of the Institute of East European Law at the University of

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  • 1-octobre-2004

    Français, Excel, 227kb

    2004/4 - L' « Expropriation indirecte » et le « droit de réglementer » dans le droit international de l'investissement

    La présente étude offre des éléments factuels d’information sur la jurisprudence, les pratiques des États et les travaux publiés dans ce domaine. Elle expose les problèmes en jeu et décrit les fondements de l’obligation d’indemniser l’expropriation indirecte, examine si et comment les instruments juridiques et autres textes énoncent la différence entre l’expropriation indirecte et le droit des gouvernements de réglementer sans

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  • 30-septembre-2004

    Français, Excel, 351kb

    2004/3 - La norme du traitement juste et équitable dans le droit international des investissements

    La présente étude fournit des éléments d’information factuelle sur la jurisprudence, les publications et les pratiques nationales en ce qui concerne la norme du traitement juste et équitable.

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  • 30-September-2004

    Chinese, , 1,114kb

    2004/3 - 国际投资法上的公正与公平待遇标准

    This document provides factual elements of information on jurisprudence, literature and state practice related to the fair and equitable treatment standard. It examines the origins of the standard and its use in international agreements and state practice, its relationship with the minimum standard of international customary law and the elements of its normative content as identified by arbitral tribunals.

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  • 29-septembre-2004

    Français, Excel, 228kb

    2004/2 - Le traitement de la nation la plus favorisée dans le droit international des investissements

    Le présent document a pour but de faire mieux comprendre les dispositions de protection de l'investissement dans les accords internationaux. Il procède a un revue de la jurisprudence et des publications correspondantes sur les clauses NPF des accords sur l'investissement.

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  • 8-September-2004


    Biotechnology Statistics in OECD Member Countries: An Inventory (STI Working Paper 2004/8)

    This document reflects recent efforts made by the OECD to obtain an accurate assessment of the current state of biotechnology statistics in OECD member and observer countries.

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