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  • 8-November-2006

    English, , 19kb

    The Investment Policy Perspective on the Internationalisation of SMEs

    This speech focuses on the role played by FDI in the internationalisation of SMEs and the obstacles limiting this process, as well as the implications for international investment policy and how OECD work on investment helps SMEs to thrive. It was delivered on the occasion of the OECD-APEC Global Conference for the Removal of Barriers to SME Access to International Markets which took place in Athens on 8 November 2006,

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  • 16-November-2005

    English, , 112kb

    Building prosperity through investment: A common APEC/OECD agenda

    This presentation by Donald J. Johnston, OECD Secretary-General, was made at APEC Investment Opportunities 2005: Towards Co-Prosperity Through Partnership held in Busan, Korea, on 16 November 2005.

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  • 4-June-2004


    Strengths and Weaknesses of SME Statistics Systems: The Users' Perspective

    OECD presentation of identified key issues, Special Workshop on "SME Statistics: Towards a More Systematic Statistical Measurement of SME Behaviour", 2nd OECD Conference of Ministers responsible for SMEs, Istanbul, 3-5 June 2004

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  • 17-November-2003

    English, , 27kb

    The OECD strategy on Investment for Development: Creating a Framework for Dialogue and Learning

    This speech was made by Mr. Richard Hecklinger, Deputy-Secretary General, OECD, at the Global Forum on International Investment held in Johannesburg on 17-18 November 2003.

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  • 25-June-2003

    English, , 30kb

    OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment: An Overview

    This paper provides an overview of the OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment. It was presented by Marie-France Houde, Senior Economist, OECD, at the UNCTAD Expert meeting on the Effectiveness of Foreign Direct Investment Policy Measures held in Geneva on 25-27 June 2003.

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  • 17-June-2003

    English, , 14kb

    Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, Multi-Stakeholder Conference: Statement by the CIME Chair

    This Statement, by Mr. Marinus Sikkel, Chair of the OECD Committee on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises, was presented at the Multi-Stakeholder Conference held in London on 17 June 2003.

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  • 24-October-2002

    English, , 766kb

    Ukraine: A Miracle in waiting?

    This article, by Mehmet Ögütçü and Jaroslav Kinach, was published in the October 2002 edition of the OECD Observer.

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  • 18-October-2002

    English, , 236kb

    Corporate governance and responsibility: Foundations of market integrity - OECD Observer Article by William Witherell

    Good governance goes beyond common sense. It is a key part of the contract that underpins economic growth in a market economy. The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance and Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are two essential instruments for ensuring that this contract is honoured.

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  • 23-July-2002

    English, , 54kb

    Attracting foreign direct investment for Russia's modernization: Battling against the odds

    This speech was made by Mr Mehmet Ögütçü at an OECD-Russia Investment Roundtable which was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia, on 19 June 2002.

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  • 7-February-2002

    English, , 89kb

    Moving toward healthier governance in host countries - The contribution of extractive industries

    This document served as a background paper for a presentation by Kathryn Gordon which was made at the OECD Conference on Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment -- Lessons to be learned from the Mining Sector which was held in Paris on 7-8 February 2002.

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