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  • 10-October-2019


    The Heavy Burden of Obesity - The Economics of Prevention

    Almost one in four people in OECD countries is currently obese. This epidemic has far-reaching consequences for individuals, society and the economy. Using microsimulation modelling, this book analyses the burden of obesity and overweight in 52 countries (including OECD, European Union and G20 countries), showing how overweight reduces life expectancy, increases healthcare costs, decreases workers' productivity and lowers GDP. The report makes the urgent economic case to scale up investments in policies to promote healthy lifestyles and tackle this growing global public health problem. The book evaluates a number of policies which could significantly improve health outcomes while being an excellent investment for countries.
  • 27-September-2019


    87th Session of the Steel Committee, Paris, 26-27 September 2019

    The Steel Committee held in-depth discussions on challenges facing the global steel industry and policy approaches to encourage adjustment and ensure a level playing field in the sector.

  • 25-September-2019

    English, PDF, 6,686kb

    World Corporate Top R&D Investors: Shaping the future of technologies and AI

    This report brings together data on patents, trademarks and scientific publications of the world’s top corporate R&D investors to shed light on the role of these key players in shaping the future of technologies, artificial intelligence in particular.

  • 23-September-2019


    Waste Management and the Circular Economy in Selected OECD Countries - Evidence from Environmental Performance Reviews

    This report provides a cross-country review of waste, materials management and circular economy policies in selected OECD countries, drawing on OECD’s Environmental Performance Reviews during the period 2010-17. It presents the main achievements in the countries reviewed, along with common trends and policy challenges, and provides insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of waste, materials management and circular economy policy frameworks. As the selected reviews were published over a seven-year period, information for some countries may be more recent than for others. Nevertheless, the policy recommendations emerging from the reviews may provide useful lessons for other OECD countries and partner economies.
  • 11-September-2019


    High-level Policy Seminar on International Capital Flows

    This high-level seminar, co-organised with Japan as 2019 G20 Presidency, will bring together senior policy officials and academics to discuss current issues linked to global financial integration and the role that international frameworks can play to maximise benefits and minimise drawbacks.

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  • 10-September-2019


    Is there a role for blockchain in responsible supply chains?

    This paper takes a critical look at how blockchain technology is currently being developed and used to advance due diligence in supply chains. It includes considerations for how responsible business conduct objectives can be integrated into emerging blockchain initiatives in a consistent and effective way.

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  • 10-September-2019


    Multi-dimensional Review of Peru - Volume 3. From Analysis to Action

    Peru has experienced remarkable socio-economic progress over the last two decades, enabling it to join the group of upper middle-income countries around 2010. However, challenges are ahead if the country is not to be caught in various development traps. Overcoming these challenges in the near future to take the economy to the next level and become a country with higher productivity, inclusive development and well-being for all will require sound policy reforms. Further efforts are needed on three main fronts: economic diversification, connectivity and formalisation of jobs. This report analyses the main challenges in these three priority areas and sets up a policy action plan. It also proposes a scorecard including a series of indicators for monitoring progress derived from the implementation of the reforms proposed in these three areas and presents the objectives for each indicator that Peru should aim to achieve by 2025 and 2030.
  • 3-septembre-2019

    Français, PDF, 2,288kb

    Codes de l'OCDE sur la libération des mouvements de capitaux et des opérations courantes invisibles: Guide de référence 2019

    Ce Guide de référence a pour objet de faire mieux comprendre les principes et les procédures qui régissent les Codes de libération de l’OCDE. Commentant en détail l’application des Codes, elle peut servir de manuel pour leurs utilisateurs. Publié pour la première fois en 2003, l'édition 2019 reflète des changements récents.

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  • 22-août-2019


    De grandes entreprises internationales s'engagent à lutter contre les inégalités en rejoignant la coalition d'entreprises au service de la croissance inclusive (B4IG) dans le cadre de la Présidence française du G7

    Plusieurs grandes entreprises internationales se sont engagées à lutter contre les inégalités et à promouvoir la diversité en leur sein et dans leurs chaînes d’approvisionnement dans le cadre d’une initiative lancée sous l’égide de la Présidence française du G7, et coordonnée par l'OCDE.

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  • 6-August-2019


    Exploring changes in world production and trade

    Drawing on the 2018 update of the OECD’s Inter-Country Input-Output (ICIO) database, this paper explores the evolution of trade in value added between 2005 and 2015. Changes in international production systems are examined with particular attention given to four key sectors heavily integrated into global value chains: textiles and apparel, chemicals, ICT and electronics, and motor vehicles.

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