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Investment Compact for South East Europe


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Investment Compact for South East Europe (South East Europe Compact for Reform, Investment, Integrity and Growth) is a leading programme designed to improve the investment climate and to encourage private sector development in South East Europe (SEE).

Under the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (Working Table II on Economic Reconstruction, Development and Co-operation) and the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs (, the programme has its own institutional structure including a Project Team and an Annual Ministerial Conference.

The Investment Compact supports SEE with practical tools to increase investment, growth and employment and supports the EU integration process. The programme focuses on four areas:

  • Evaluation and monitoring of progress in investment reform, including concrete case studies of how to improve;
  • Support in implementation of investment reform through coaching and peer review;
  • Support in structuring the dialogue between public and private sector through the Regional Network of Foreign Investors Councils ( and the Regional White Book;
  • Political support through an Annual Ministerial Conference focused on a specific theme of investment reform.

Further information concerning the Investment Compact can be found on its website at the following address:


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