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Micro-Policies for Growth and Productivity


The Micro-Policies for Growth and Productivity project was carried out in response to the request by Ministers, at the OECD Council Ministerial in 2001, to strengthen benchmarking as part of the follow-up to the OECD Growth Project and to strengthen the OECD’s peer reviews of structural reform. It also responds to the 2002 Council Ministerial request to monitor the implementation of the policy recommendations of the OECD Growth Study.

The project’s objective has been to identify the critical areas of the business environment for each driver of growth and to identify effective micro-policies for each of these critical areas in order to develop a more coherent growth strategy for the micro level of the economy. Its target has been to identify critical policy areas for each of the micro-drivers of growth – entrepreneurship, information and communications technology (ICT), innovation and human capital – through a quantitative benchmarking methodology.

Three documents are available: the Synthesis and Benchmarking User Guide is a brochure which provides a brief synthesis to the Micro-Policies for Growth and Productivity Project Final Report and also serves as a guide to the benchmarking methodology used in the analysis. A summary of key findings is also available for download.

Last update: 22 February 2007



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