• 4-juin-2015


  • 29-février-2012


    L’Inde ratifie la Convention concernant l’assistance administrative mutuelle en matière fiscale

    L’Inde a ratifié la Convention concernant l'assistance administrative mutuelle en matière fiscale, une convention multilatérale élaborée conjointement par le Conseil de l’Europe et l’OCDE qui a été ouverte à la signature de tous les pays en juin 2011.

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  • 14-June-2011


    Adapting tax systems and international tax rules to the new global environment: A shared challenge for India and the OECD

    India faces the same challenges as every OECD member country: how to adapt its domestic tax system and its international tax policies to a borderless economy, and how to ensure that the approaches embraced today will be well suited to meet the needs of the economy of tomorrow, said OECD Secretary-General. OECD can offer to India a forum for sharing worldwide experiences and benchmarking national policies against best practices, a

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