Panel session on ICT-enabled offshoring: Country experience and business perspectives: Paris June 10, 2005



To increase understanding of how OECD economies can benefit from the offshoring of ICT-enabled services, and the associated challenges and opportunities. Presentations were given about Hungary and Ireland, two countries that benefit by attracting offshored services. Siemens Business Services and Satyam Computer Services Ltd. provided company perspectives on how global ICT-enabled services sourcing operates in practice, the business imperatives and motivations for firms that offshore activities, the strategic and local factors that determine the type of activities to be offshored and their location, and the wider benefits to consumers through lower prices of provided services. Some of the main points that emerged from these presentations, as well as the presentations and discussion are summarised here.




1. Hungary

Ervin Kajzinger, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Informatics and Communications, Hungary

"ICT-enabled outsourcing and offshoring activities in Hungary"     [see background document]

2. Ireland

Frank Barry, University College Dublin, and Desirée van Welsum (OECD)

“Services FDI and Offshoring into Ireland”           [see background document]

3. Siemens Business Services

Elie Cohen, Director General Siemens Business Services France

“Offshore outsourcing of business services – Threat or Opportunity?”

4. Satyam Computer Services

Randhir Mishra, Regional Director, Central and Eastern Europe, Satyam Computer Services Ltd

“International ICT Sourcing Ecosystem – The key Value Enablers”


Contact: Graham Vickery: graham.vickery @ oecd.org

              Desirée van Welsum: desiree.vanwelsum @ oecd.org


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