• 3-September-2014

    English, PDF, 163kb

    OECD Employment Outlook 2014 - Key findings for Greece

    Despite moderate signs of recovery across many OECD countries in 2014, the unemployment rate in Greece remains stuck at close to its highest level since the onset of the economic crisis (27.2% as of May 2014). OECD projections suggest that the expected joblessness rate in Greece will remain high (around 27%) through to the end of 2015.

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  • 5-juin-2014


    Politique de la réglementation : Grèce

    Grèce: Réduire les charges administratives, mieux légiférer, et examen de l'OCDE sur la réforme de la réglementation

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  • 15-April-2014


    Taxing Wages: Country note for Greece

    The average worker in Greece faced a tax burden on labour income (tax wedge) of 41.6% in 2013 compared with the OECD average of 35.9%. Greece was ranked 11 of the 34 OECD member countries in this respect.

  • 18-March-2014

    English, PDF, 395kb

    Society at a Glance 2014 - Key findings for Greece

    This note presents key findings for Greece from Society at a Glance 2014 - OECD Social indicators. This 2014 publication also provides a special chapter on: the crisis and its aftermath: a “stress test” for societies and for social policies.

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  • 4-March-2014


    OECD Competition Assessment Reviews: Greece

    Following scrutiny of legislation in four sectors of the Greek economy, food processing, retail trade, building materials and tourism, this report identifies areas where reform could be undertaken to address regulatory barriers to competition in Greece.

  • 27-November-2013


    Greece: Competition Assessment Project

    The Greek government and the OECD are working together to assess the costs and benefits of regulations restricting competition in the tourism, retail trade, food processing and construction materials sectors and to propose specific recommendations for change.

  • 27-novembre-2013


    Etude économique de la Grèce 2013

    Pour que l’ajustement économique de la Grèce réussisse, il est essentiel de rétablir la croissance de façon durable et de faire face aux coûts sociaux. Pour cela, il faut accélérer et élargir le programme de réformes structurelles.

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  • 26-November-2013

    English, PDF, 378kb

    Pensions at a Glance 2013 - Highlights for Greece

    Financial sustainability has been the main concern behind the pension reforms enacted in Greece in the last three years. Retirement-income adequacy may be an important concern for future retirees but working longer may help to make income more adequate...

  • 5-November-2013

    English, PDF, 1,698kb

    How's life in Greece in 2013?

    How's Life? 2013 - Country note - Greece (PDF)

  • 11-juin-2012


    Études par pays des systèmes budgétaires

    Le groupe de travail des Hauts responsables du budget (HRB) entreprend des examens nationaux des systèmes budgétaires.

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