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Measuring Regulatory Performance


OECD member countries are investing significant resources in the development of regulatory policies and reform programmes to improve the quality of their regulations. Do the reforms succeed in improving the quality of regulations? Do they stimulate investment, foster economic growth, reduce systemic risks, improve the environment, health and overall quality of life?


The programme Measuring Regulatory Performance aims to help OECD countries:


  • Demonstrate how improvements to regulatory governance deliver actual benefits to business and citizens;
  • Measure regulatory performance to diagnose success and failures, improve regulatory policies, programmes and tools, and to communicate progress.


Get the 2015 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance and information on their methodology

Regulatory Policy Evaluation

Access the OECD Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation with many practical examples and expert papers on the topic


Read the policy and methodological guides, reports, policy briefs, and academic papers

Related OECD work

Access information on databases and projects throughout the OECD on measuring regulatory performance


Find the agendas, presentations, and background information on the annual workshops on Measuring Regulatory Performance

Pilot database on Stakeholder Engagement

Access information on stakeholder engagement practices in different OECD member and partner countries


An ad hoc steering group advises the OECD Regulatory Policy Committee on the work on Measuring Regulatory Performance. Member countries participating in the steering group currently include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Estonia, the European Union, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The group is currently chaired by Canada. Other OECD countries may also become members of the Steering Group.


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