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  • 23-September-2013


    Measuring regulatory performance at sub-national level: Benefits and challenges

    This workshop served to discuss how benchmarking and measuring regulatory performance can help advance a regulatory policy at the sub-national level.

  • 23-August-2013


  • 23-August-2013


  • 22-August-2013


    Successful Practices and Policies to Promote Regulatory Reform and Entrepreneurship at the Sub-national Level

    The OECD and Mexico’s Ministry of Economy are carrying out a regulatory reform programme to improve the competitiveness of its states. Multi-level regulatory governance is an important component of the regulatory reform agenda.

  • 8-juillet-2013


    Documents ouverts à la consultation

    L’OCDE a lancé deux consultations publiques en juin 2013. La première porte sur la gouvernance des régulateurs et l’autre sur le renforcement de la réglementation et les inspections.

  • 17-April-2013


    The International Regulatory Co-operation Toolkit

    This toolkit comprises a typology of various co-operation mechanisms and a classification of associated benefits and costs.

  • 26-February-2013


    OECD Workshop on One-Stop Shops in Hungary

    The workshop identified key challenges in the design and implementation of one-stop shops in Hungary and ways to address them.

  • 1-February-2013


    Accountability, Transparency, Participation: Key Elements of Good Governance

    In collaboration with the Federal Government of Germany, the OECD organised four workshops at the International Regulatory Reform Conference (IRRC) 2013 in Berlin. The workshops focused on the use of cost-benefit analysis in governmental decision making, as well as on the role of key actors of regulatory governance in the regulatory policy cycle: Parliaments, regulatory agencies and audit offices.

  • 21-December-2012

    English, PDF, 2,025kb

    Reform of Regulatory Enforcement and Inspections in OECD Countries

    This report summarises the results of the survey on regulatory enforcement and inspections conducted among OECD countries in 2012. The report draws some general conclusions from this survey and provides theoretical background on the topic. It also suggests some recommendations for organising and reforming inspections.

  • 21-December-2012

    English, PDF, 1,423kb

    Inspections Reforms: Why, How and With What Results

    This report summarises experience of OECD and non-OECD countries with reforming inspections, attempts to present some of the most interesting and successful experiences suggesting that some good practices may be valid beyond the countries where they were initially pioneered.

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