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  • 8-March-2019


    Colombia Impact Update: What Happened Next?

    This report is an update of the 2015 report on Protecting Consumers through Behavioural Insights: Regulating the Communications Market in Colombia

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  • 5-March-2019


    Driving Performance at Peru's Telecommunications Regulator

    As 'market referees', regulators contribute to the delivery of essential public utilities. Their organisational culture, behaviour and governance are important factors in how regulators, and the sectors they oversee, perform. This report uses the OECD Performance Assessment Framework for Economic Regulators (PAFER) to assess both the internal and external governance of Peru's Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (OSIPTEL). The review acknowledges OSIPTEL's achievements and good practices, analyses the key drivers of its performance, and proposes an integrated reform package to help the regulator prepare for the future.
  • 19-December-2018


    Performance assessment reviews of Mexico’s energy regulators

    Body of work on the regulatory governance of Mexico’s energy sector

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  • 3-décembre-2018


    Politique de la réglementation : Perspectives de l'OCDE 2018

    Les lois et réglementations régissent la vie quotidienne des entreprises et des particuliers, et sont des outils importants de la politique de la réglementation. « Légiférer » n’a jamais été une tâche facile, mais la rapidité des transformations technologiques et l’interconnection croissante des économies la rendent plus ardue encore. Les perspectives de l’OCDE sur la politique de la réglementation 2018, les secondes de la série, identifient les efforts des pays pour améliorer leurs lois et régulations, conformément à la Recommandation de 2012 concernant la politique et la gouvernance réglementaires, et partagent les bonnes pratiques. Cette publication apporte un éclairage unique sur l’organisation et les dispositifs institutionnels dont les pays se sont dotés pour concevoir, faire respecter et faire évoluer leur réglementation. Elle lève aussi le voile sur les aspects du cycle réglementaire qui mériteraient plus d’attention de la part des décideurs publics. Enfin, elle identifie les domaines dans lesquels les pays peuvent concentrer leurs efforts pour améliorer la qualité des lois et des réglementations et les approches innovantes susceptibles de leur faciliter la tâche.
  • 15-November-2018


    Behavioural Insights Toolkit and Ethical Guidelines for Policy Makers

    This is an OECD consultation document. Please send your responses by 14 December 2018.

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  • 13-November-2018


    Regulatory Policy: Israel

    Israel's score on the 2015 and 2018 Indicators of Regulatory Policy and Governance.

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  • 24-October-2018


    Review of International Regulatory Co-operation of Mexico

    International regulatory co-operation (IRC) represents an important opportunity for countries, and in particular domestic regulators, to consider the impacts of their regulations beyond their borders, expand the evidence for decision-making, learn from the experience of their peers, and develop concerted approaches to challenges that transcend borders. This report provides the first OECD assessment of a country’s IRC framework and practices. Mexico’s active efforts to embrace globalisation are reflected in many aspects of its domestic policies, practices and institutions. On one hand, it has undertaken unilateral efforts to embed international considerations in its domestic rule-making through regulatory improvement disciplines and with the consideration of international standards in the drafting of technical regulations. On the other hand, the Mexican government and individual regulators also engage extensively in co-operative efforts on regulatory matters, at the bilateral, regional and multilateral level. Based on the overview of Mexico’s practices and comparison with other OECD countries, the review recommends three areas for improvement: designing a horizontal government-wide strategy for IRC, enhancing information about the tools and benefits of IRC, and offering the necessary tools to support systematic implementation of IRC.
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  • 9-October-2018


    Good Regulatory Practices to Support Small and Medium Enterprises in Southeast Asia

    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can find it challenging to cope and comply with regulations and adapt regulatory changes. Good regulatory practice (GRP) helps create a stable and enabling regulatory environment for investment, trade, and entrepreneurhsip, and thus supports healthy economies and regional competitiveness. This report is the first comprehensive stock-taking of GRP implementation in Southeast Asia to support local SMEs and their integration into global value chains. For each of the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the report provides examples of GRP tools and approaches in areas such as administrative burden reduction, e-government, regulatory impact assessment, ex post evaluation, and stakeholder consultation. The report also includes an overview of collective efforts pursued at the ASEAN level to promote the GRP agenda across the region.
  • 5-October-2018


    Events and publications on regulatory reform in Southeast Asia

    List of events and publications on regulatory reform in Southeast Asia and APEC economies.

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  • 3-October-2018


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