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  • 10-June-2001

    English, , 120kb

    Progress in Policy Reform: Overview

    The Investment Compact promotes and supports policy reforms that aim to improve the investment climate in South East Europe (SEE) and thereby encourage increased investment and the development of a strong private sector. Measuring progress in imp...

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  • 8-June-2001

    English, , 465kb

    Progress in Policy Reform in South East Europe: Monitoring Instruments

    It is vital for South East European countries to manage and track their progress in reform against a coherent set of benchmarks and the Monitoring Instruments serve that purpose.

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  • 22-May-2001

    English, , 36kb

    Draft Agenda for seminar on Foundations for Investment: Progress and Challenges in Regulatory Reform

    Draft agenda of an international seminar co-hosted by the Government of Greece and the OECD, as part of the Investment Compact Initiative on Regulatory Reform for South East Europe in the framework of the investment compact of the Stability Pact,...

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  • 1-May-2001


    Regulatory Reform in Ireland

    This review on Ireland presents an integrated assessment of regulatory reform in framework areas such as the quality of the public sector, competition policy and enforcement, and market openness with recommendations for regulatory reform.

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  • 28-février-2001

    Français, , 746kb

    Réduire le risque d'échec des politiques publiques : les défis liés au respect de la réglementation

    In recent years, governments have increased their efforts to examine how they can acieve policy objectives more cost-effectively through better regulation or different mixes of policy tools. Th...

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  • 1-January-2001

    English, , 93kb

    Economic instruments and clean water: why institutions and policy design matter

    This paper analyses the use of economic instruments for control of water pollution in four OECD countries -- Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands -- from 1970-1990.

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  • 1-January-2001

    English, , 31kb

    Formal policies for regulatory analysis in OECD countries...

    Table 2 of Control and Management of Government Regulation ...

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  • 8-février-2000


    Examens de l'OCDE de la réforme de la réglementation : Etats-Unis 1999

    Les États-Unis jouent un rôle de pionnier dans le domaine de la réforme de la réglementation à l'échelle mondiale. Les USA ne sont pas moins réglementés que les autres pays mais ils différemment.

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  • 16-décembre-1999


    Examens de l'OCDE de la réforme de la réglementation aux Pays-Bas 1999

    A la suite des réformes des années 1980 aux marchés du travail et au système de protection sociale, les gouvernements néerlandais des années 1990 ont recherché un nouvel équilibre fondé sur la politique de la concurrence, la réforme de la réglementation, et l’ouverture des marchés.

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  • 1-July-1997

    English, , 154kb

    Putting Markets to Work: The Design and Use of Marketable Permits and Obligations, Occasional Paper No. 19

    The expanding need for regulation coupled with pressures to reduce the cost of compliance has led to interest in marketable permit or obligation programmes (MPOPs). This paper presents the potential benefits and risks of MPOP's.

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