Développement régional

Ministerial Level Meeting of the Territorial Development Policy Committee


The forthcoming OECD Meeting at Ministerial level ‘Investing for Growth: Building Innovative Regions’, will will be held on 31 March 2009 in Paris. This top-level event will be a unique opportunity for Ministers to discuss how regional policies can help address global challenges. The event will also address the impact of the current crisis on regional economies and the policy responses. The agenda is outlined as follows:


Session 1 - Global Challenges and Regions

Main themes

• Financial Crises

• Climate change


This session will examine how regional policy, which includes a significant investment dimension, can play a stronger role in helping governments to design and implement investment strategies that contribute to restoring economic growth at both the regional and national level. The aim will be to point to key recommendations on how regional investment can support countries’ efforts to address global challenges.


Session 2 - Policy Tools for Change in Regional Development

Main themes

• Innovation

• Public goods


This session will focus on the experiences of different countries in implementing a regional approach to innovation and its integration with related policies. The main key recommendations identified in this session will provide valuable inputs to the OECD Innovation Strategy.


Session 3 - Mobilising Actors and Capabilities for Regional Development

Main themes

• Multi-level

• Regional Governance

• Local public finance


This session will look at how coherent implementation mechanisms, stable budgets and political commitment help to enhance outcomes from regional policy in different countries. The aim of the session will be to identify key recommendations for improving policy making at national and sub-national levels.