Innovation dans le secteur public et administration électronique

Building an Open and Innovative Government for Better Policies and Service Delivery


OECD Expert Meeting, 8-9 June 2010, Paris


The objective of the expert meeting was to exchange experiences in the areas of innovation in service delivery and open government, discuss preliminary results of current work, and discuss future steps.  In particular, the preliminary results of the work on coproduction of public services were discussed.


The expert group gathered together government officials working on projects related to innovation in public services and open government. Experts and practictionners from The World Bank InstituteThe Carter Centre and Involve also participated as speakers in the meeting. 




Opening and Introduction


Ms. Katju Holkeri, Head of Unit, Governance Policy Unit, Public Management Department, Ministry of Finance, Finland, Chair of the Expert Meeting


Rolf Alter, Director, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD


Session 1 - Strengthening Open Government


Strengthening Open Government: Improving the OECD Principles for Open and Inclusive Policy-Making for Better Policy Guidance and Service Implementation


The OECD Principles for Open and Inclusive Policy-Making provide a useful framework for countries to strengthen their practices and institutions on open and inclusive government.


This session aimed to discuss how these Principles can be:

  • reinforced to better link rules and institutions to policy implementation and service delivery
  • adopted by the OECD country community as formal instruments to guide public policy and service implementation


Background document:



  • Christian Vergez,(pdf, 44kb) Head of Division, Reform of the Public Sector, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD



  • Katju Holkeri, Head of Unit, Governance Policy Unit, Public Management Department, Ministry of Finance, Finland
  • Jan Schrijver, Explorer of Governance, Democracy and Citizenship, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, The Netherlands


Session 2 - Measuring Open Government


Measuring Open Government: From Static to Performance Indicators


The Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development, OECD,  has started a project to develop indicators for open government, in collaboration with INVOLVE.


This session aimed to:

  • update experts on the status of this project
  • present and discuss proposed direction of this work, including a framework for data collection.


Countries were asked to comment and approve on the methodology and roadmap for this work.


Background document:


Project Presentation:

  • Jordan Holt, (pdf, 78kb) Policy Analyst, Governance Reviews and Partnership Division, OECD
  • Simon Burall, Director, INVOLVE; Laurie Waller, Researcher, INVOLVE; Thomas Scotto, Lecturer, University of Essex (pdf, 164kb)



  • Felipe Del Solar, (pdf, 1236kb) Executive Secretary, Commission of Probity and Transparency, Ministry Secretariat General of the Presidency, Chile
  • José Luis Marzal, Director of Coordination and Vigilance of the Federal Public Administration, Mexico
  • Dinorah Atlántida Ugalde Reza, Director of Coordination and Evaluation of the Federal Public Administration, Mexico
  • Arturo Ríos Camarena Rodriguez, Director of the International Affairs Department, Federal Institute of Access to Information, Mexico
  • Laura Neuman, Associate Director for the Americas Program and the Access to Information Project Manager, Carter Center
  • Marcos Mendiburu, Learning Analyst, Community Empowerment and Social Inclusion Learning Program, The World Bank Institute, the World Bank

Session 3 & 4 - Public Service Delivery:


Co-production of Public-services as a Driver for Innovation


This session will provide countries with the opportunity

  • to discuss the initial results of the work on co-production of public services
  • to present and discuss country experiences and practices of co-production of public services 

The results of the discussion will feed into the finalisation of the draft report.


Background document:

  • Innovation in Public Services: Working Together with Citizens for Better Outcomes (pdf, 515kb)



  • Marco Daglio, (pdf, 228kb) Head of Unit, Public Service Delivery, Reform of the Public Sector, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD
  • Tom Shirley, (pdf, 200kb) Senior Policy Advisor, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom
  • Jan Schrijver, (pdf, 6234kb) Explorer of Governance, Democracy and Citizenship, Ministry of the Interior, The Netherlands
  • Laura Massoli, (pdf, 471kb) Head of Unit, Public Administration Department, Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation, Italy
  • François Beauvais, (pdf, 660kb) Chargé de Mission, Direction Générale de la Modernisation de l’ Etat, Ministère du Budget, des Comptes publics, de la Fonction publique et de la Réforme de l'Etat, France
  • Sona Stribana, (pdf, 173kb) General State Cousellor, Dept. Of the EC Assistance Management and Implementation, Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic, Slovak Republic
  • Akın Ak, (pdf, 227kb) Prime Ministry Expert, Department for Administrative Development, Turkey


Session 5 & 6 - Innovation in Public Service Delivery


Approaches, Challenges and Results


This session will focus on discussing existing approaches to innovation in service delivery and their impact on service improvement, in view of providing input into the preparation of the final synthesis report.



  • Marco Daglio, Head of Unit, Reform of the Public Sector, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD
  • Yih-Jeou Wang, (pdf, 100kb) Head of Unit, Reform of the Public Sector Division, Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate
  • Jesper Christiansen, (pdf, 3260kb) Business PhD /Anthropologist, MINDLAB, Denmark
  • Philippe Vermeulen, (pdf, 310kb) General Adviser, DG Organisation and Personnel Development, Federal Public Service on Personnel and Organisation, Brussels
  • Terje Dyrstad, (pdf, 158kb) Deputy Director General, Department of ICT policy and public sector reform, Norway
  • Jose M Diaz Pulido, (pdf, 173kb) Head of Division, Observatory for the quality of services,  Spanish National Agency for Evaluation of Public Policy and Quality of Services, Spain
  • Emilio Garcia Garcia, (pdf, 551kb) Technical Adviser, General Directorate for the Promotion of e-Government, Ministry of the Presidency, Spain
  • Mr. Mohamed Mansour, (pdf, 1390kb) Executive Project Coordinator for the Government Services Delivery Program,  Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD), Egypt
  • Mr. Carlos Patino, Dirección de Gobierno Digital, UGD – SFP, Mexico


Further information


If you require further information please contact the project coordinator Marco Daglio at 







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