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Open Government Data Review of Mexico

Data Reuse for Public Sector Impact and Innovation

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Published on June 22, 2016

Mexico has developed an ambitious national open data policy to create value from the use and re-use of government data by the public, private and social sectors. Open government data (OGD) has the potential to spur the digital economy, as well as contribute to more efficient public service delivery and greater public engagement. Mexico has demonstrated its commitment to OGD through its close involvement in international open data initiatives. However, it faces challenges in effectively implementing OGD domestically in a way that makes a greater impact on the economy and society. This would require, notably, institutionalizing open data, understanding the demand for government data, reaching out to potential users and working more closely with local governments. To fully realise the potential of open data, it is crucial that public bodies understand the benefits, are fully behind the project and actively participate in its implementation. This report provides an analysis of Mexico’s policies as well as recommendations for achieving its national objectives and making the most of OGD.


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Open government policy implementation in Mexico
Governance and policy framework for open data in Mexico
Fostering an organisational culture and ecosystem for open government data in Mexico
Creating a more dynamic open data ecosystem in Mexico for greater value co-creation
Open data at the local level in Mexico: Scaling up initiatives within and across levels of government
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Open Government Data 

Open government data – machine-readable information made available to all by governments – can empower citizens and improve government accountability, integrity and public services.  It can boost public trust by enabling citizens to audit policy results.

Open Government Data in Mexico

  • Mexico has become a front-runner in a short time in making government data publicly accessible
  • However, open data has yet to make a substantial impact on Mexico’s economy & society.
  • There is more work to be done before the public sector can become an enabler of the digital economy and of better public governance.


  • Mexico should actively support public officials, social entrepreneurs, businesses, journalists & civil society in using open data.
  • Provide the skills training in how to create value from open government data.
  • Build and engage user communities around open data is an essential first step since active collaboration between producers and consumers of data is key to encourage its reuse.

Executive summary

Press release


OECD OURdata Index on Open Government Data

Mexico ranks 10th on the OECD’s OURData Index and Mexico's National Open Data Policy has spawned a series of ambitious federal initiatives including a fully functional central open government data portal


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Data for the index is taken from member countries and focuses on government efforts to ensure public sector data availability and accessibility and to spur a greater re-use. The Index is based on OECD methodology and the guidelines of the G8 OGD Charter. 

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