Anti-corruption et intégrité dans le secteur public

Seminar - Re-visiting whistleblower protection: From commitments to effective protection


OECD, Paris, 17 June 2014


Whistleblowing is an essential element for safeguarding the public interest and for promoting a culture of public accountability and integrity. The majority of OECD countries have recently passed legislation protecting whistleblowers and yet, despite being high on the agenda, successful whistleblowing stories are rare. Therefore, it is time to re-visit whistleblower protection and reflect on what countries have learned in recent years and identify key conditions for providing even more effective protection for whistleblowers.


The seminar commenced with a session on "Ensuring comprehensive legal protection: One dedicated law or several laws?". It explored different options for legal frameworks and how to ensure that there are no loopholes. It also covered the main differences with witness protection. Discussions also centred on whether legal protection should be afforded to private sector employees.


Next there was a session on "Protection mechanisms: What makes them effective?" where participants were encouraged to discuss the current challenges for providing effective whistleblower protection.


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