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28th Session of the Public Management Committee & Symposium on The New Public Executive, Paris, 13-14 November 2003


The first day of the 28th session of the Public Management (PUMA) Committee was devoted to a symposium on "The New Public Executive". The purpose of the meeting was to enable Committee members to engage in an in-depth discussion of a specific, topical issue raised in the context of the PUMA work programme on Modernisation: the leadership challenges facing public sectors. What can governments do to meet these challenges in acquiring, forming and motivating the next generation of senior managers?

Plenary Session

Chair:  Mr. Knut Rexed, Vice-Chair of the PUMA Committee

Delegates heard presentations from the following speakers:

  • Prof. Allen Schick of the Brookings Institute, on the challenges facing the New Public Executive in a changing society
  • Michael Wintringham, State Services Commissioner from New Zealand, on the New Public Executive
  • Mr. Georges Monard, President of the Federal Public Service for Personnel and Organisation in Belgium, on Human Resources Management for Senior Civil Servants in the Belgian Federal Administration
  • M. Antoine Godbert, Interministerial official responsible for the senior civil service in France, on Managing Senior Management
  • Mr. Patrice Stern, of ICS Interconsultants, France, on leadership (see also his note on leadership - in French only).

Break-out Sessions

Participants broke into three breakout sessions to discuss the following topics:

  • Public Leadership in a Changing Society
  • How to Find and Form the Next Generation of Public Executives?
  • How Well do Individualised Incentives Serve the Collective Interest?

Plenary session

During this session, nominated country representatives of the three break-out sessions reported back on results, and other countries were invited to reflect on the feedback from their national perspective. A panel of invited speakers and chairs then each gave a short account of what they felt came out of the discussions and posed questions for the future.

Panel members: Professor Allen Schick; Professor John Murray of the Trinity College School of Business Studies, Ireland; and Jean-Michel Saussois, Director of the Public Management Programme, Ecole supérieure de commerce de Paris

28th Session of the PUMA Committee, continued

Modernising Government: People, Structures and Performance

Presentation by the Secretariat on the Modernisation Review

Part 1 – Modernising Public Employment

Part 2 – Changing Organisational Structures

  • Presentation by the Netherlands

Part 3 – Governing for Performance

  • Presentation by Australia

Part 4 – Toolkit for managing conflict of interest

  • Presentation by New Zealand

Administrative reform in Russia

Presentation by Deputy Minister Mikhail Dmitriev, First Deputy Minister, Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade



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