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  • 13-February-2019


    OECD Forum on Responsible Supply Chains in the Garment & Footwear Sector

    Enterprises operating in the sector have the potential to generate growth, employment and skills development, if and only if they ensure responsible operations and sourcing in their supply chains. Unfortunately, human rights and labour abuses as well as harm to the environment by enterprises remain prevalent throughout the supply chain in this sector.

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  • 31-January-2019


    Public Consultation on the OECD Anti-Corruption and Integrity Guidelines for State-Owned Enterprises

    This draft text of the OECD Anti-Corruption and Integrity Guidelines for State-Owned Enterprises is available for public comment until 31 January 2019.

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  • 24-January-2019

    English, PDF, 2,693kb

    Corporate Governance Frameworks in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam

    This report takes stock of corporate governance frameworks in four countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Viet Nam as part of the OECD-Southeast Asia Corporate Governance Initiative.

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  • 21-January-2019


    Survey on the sourcing practices of SMEs operating in the garment and footwear sector supply chain

    As part of the implementation strategy for the recently adopted OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains in the Garment and Footwear Sector, the OECD is conducting a series of surveys that target SMEs operating within the sector.

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  • 14-December-2018


    OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Austria 2018

    Over the past two decades, Austria has become one of the most R&D intensive economies among OECD countries and in the world, dedicating 3.1% of its GDP on R&D in 2016, the second highest figure in the European Union. To fully harness this R&D capacity, Austrian innovation policy needs to put a stronger emphasis on efficiency in transforming R&D inputs into impacts. To achieve higher impacts, Austria also needs to steer its research and innovation system towards leadership excellence in global markets. This requires enhanced international attractiveness for top-level researchers and talent, and a conducive environment for highly innovative enterprises. Austria could also benefit from strengthening R&D and innovation to support key transitions, such as digitalisation and Industry 4.0, and to tackle key societal challenges. The STI policy mix and governance arrangements should be adapted accordingly.
  • 12-décembre-2018


    Implémentation des nouveaux standards internationaux pour la compilation des statistiques d’IDE

    En septembre 2014, de nombreux pays ont implémenté les dernières directives internationales pour compiler les statistiques d’IDE. Les nouveaux standards ont apporté des changements importants dans les statistiques d’IDE, notamment des nouvelles mesures de l’IDE au niveau mondial.

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  • 10-December-2018


    Responsible business conduct and human rights

    70 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, our recognition of the “inherent dignity of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world” has further strengthened the alignment between responsible business conduct and human rights.

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  • 6-December-2018


    Multi-stakeholder sports integrity taskforces established

    06/12/2018 - The International Partnership against Corruption in Sport (IPACS) staged a major summit in London on 6 December 2018 to reaffirm the global commitment to tackling corruption in sport.

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  • 11-November-2018


    Corporate Governance in Latin America

    Several regional initiatives provide a forum for the exchange of experiences between senior policy makers, regulators and market participants to promote good corporate governance practices in the Latin American region.

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