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Corporate governance deals with the rights and responsibilities of a company’s management, its board, shareholders and various stakeholders. How well companies are run affects their performance, market confidence and private sector investment.  

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Survey on Business Integrity and Corporate Governance

Conducted within the framework of the OECD Trust and Business Project, we invite you to participate in our survey which targets board members, senior management and business integrity professionals. Deadline for participation: 31 March 2015.

2014-2015 review of the corporate governance principles

The Principles, an international benchmark providing best practice recommendations on corporate governance, are currently under review.


Corporate governance, value creation and growth

This initiative focuses on how better corporate governance policies can support corporate access to capital, value creation and economic growth.

State-owned enterprises in the marketplace

Good governance of state-owned enterprises is essential to ensure their contribution to economic efficiency and growth. OECD is the world's leading standard setter in this respect.


Corporate governance and the financial crisis

Prompted by the severe shortcomings revealed by the financial crisis, this action plan proposes improvements in priority areas such as remuneration, risk management, board practices and the exercise of shareholder rights.

Competitive neutrality

Whether they are owned by shareholders or states, all companies should operate on a level playing field consistent with the principles of competitive neutrality.


Corporate governance factbook

This report shares up-to-date overview of the legal and regulatory framework in corporate governance in OECD countries and a selection of additional jurisdictions.



Our international dialogue on corporate governance takes place via regional initiatives and programmes with individual economies






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