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  • 25-March-2020


    OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

    With over 2000 participants from 120 countries, the OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum is leading the policy debate on integrity and anti-corruption worldwide.

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  • 31-January-2020


    Decentralisation and Regionalisation in Portugal - What Reform Scenarios?

    This report has been prepared by the OECD upon request by the Portuguese Independent Commission for Decentralisation. Decentralisation and regionalisation reforms have recently emerged on the Portugal’s policy agenda, with two main objectives: assigning more tasks to municipalities and strengthening regional level governance. The report presents a diagnosis of Portugal multi-level governance in international perspectives and highlights the strengths and challenges of the system. It then presents three potential policy paths of regional reform for Portugal. As the options are not mutually exclusive, they could work as complements to each other. The report analyses the conditions under which the reforms may deliver more economic efficiency and regional equity.
  • 30-January-2020


    OECD Reviews of Evaluation and Assessment in Education: Serbia

    How can assessment and evaluation policies work together more effectively to improve student outcomes in primary and secondary schools? The country reports in this series analyse major issues facing evaluation and assessment policy to identify improvements that can be made to enhance the quality, equity and efficiency of school education. The Republic of Serbia’s education system performs well compared to other countries in the Western Balkans. There have been improvements in access to education and international assessments show that learning outcomes are on the rise. However, a large share of Serbian students continue to leave school without mastering basic competencies and efforts to achieve educational excellence are jeopardised by limited institutional capacity and low levels of public spending on education. This review, developed in cooperation with UNICEF, provides Serbia with recommendations to help strengthen its evaluation and assessment system to focus on support for student learning. It will be of interest to Serbia, as well as other countries looking to make more effective use of their evaluation and assessment system to improve quality and equity, and result in better outcomes for all students.
  • 20-December-2019


    Reforming ISSSTESON’s Public Procurement for Sustainability

    This review analyses public procurement policies and practices of ISSSTESON, the institution providing health and pension services to the workers of the State Government of Sonora, Mexico. It benchmarks ISSSTESON practices against the 2015 Recommendation of the Council on Public Procurement to help the institute upgrade its procurement operations and increase efficiency, in a difficult financial environment. It also examines the revenue structure of the Institute and suggests reforms for the pension scheme, which is too generous compared to national and international experience.
  • 19-December-2019


    Public Value in Public Service Transformation - Working with Change

    Building on the previous report, this report examines how governments can move from a tactical to a holistic approach to system change. Drawing on diverse case studies from across the world at both national and local levels, the report illustrates how a strategic approach to system change implies three key elements: envisioning and acting on the future, putting public value at the core of the change process, and systematically engaging citizens in decision-making.
  • 12-December-2019


    2019 Annual OECD-Asian Senior Budget Officials Meeting

    The OECD-Asian SBO Network brings together budget directors and other senior officials from the Asian region, and budget directors and other senior officials from OECD member countries, in order to share policy experiences and discuss common budgetary issues. The 15th OECD Asian Senior Budget Officials Annual Meeting will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on the 12 & 13 December 2019.

  • 6-December-2019


    Public Procurement in Kazakhstan - Reforming for Efficiency

    This publication outlines the substantial progress made in improving Kazakhstan’s procurement system, most notably implementing e-procurement. Drawing on international good practices, the review includes policy recommendations to help the government in Kazakhstan achieve further necessary reforms to meet international standards.
  • 5-décembre-2019


    Statistiques des recettes publiques 2019

    Les données sur les recettes des administrations publiques, et sur le produit de la fiscalité en particulier, constituent la base de la plupart des travaux de description des structures économiques et d’analyse économique, et sont de plus en plus utilisées pour comparaisons internationales. Cette publication annuelle présente un cadre conceptuel dont le but est de définir les recettes publiques devant être assimilées à des impôts et de classifier les différentes catégories d’impôts. Elle constitue également un ensemble unique de statistiques fiscales détaillées et comparables au niveau international, utilisant une présentation identique pour tous les pays de l’OCDE depuis 1965.
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  • 5-December-2019


    Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Italy

    Universities’ entrepreneurship and innovative practices are burgeoning all over Italy. Some of these practices resonate at the international level while others have a local impact. Italian higher education faces some important challenges and actions need to be taken to unleash its full potential. Promoting the entrepreneurial and innovation agenda can help Italy improve the overall performance of the higher education system, and of individual universities, in all regions. The government has started providing a strategic support to engagement, which could catalyse Italy’s innovation capacity, human capital endowment, and well-being.This review illustrates policy actions promoting the entrepreneurial and innovative activities in the Italian Higher Education System, and focuses on 11 case study universities. It discusses strategies and practices adopted by Italian higher education institutions to innovate, engage, and generate value for the society and the economy. This review is part of a series of national reports implementing the HEinnovate framework. HEinnovate is a guiding framework that the OECD and the European Commission have developed to promote the 'entrepreneurial and innovation agenda' in higher education.
  • 2-December-2019


    Regulatory Reform: Events and Publications

    Access and search the calendar of events and publications on regulatory policy.

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