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  • 29-octobre-2002

    Français, , 632kb

    La capacité du gouvernement à produire des réglementations de grande qualité au Canada

    Le présent rapport "La capacité du gouvernement à produire des réglementations de grande qualité" analyse le cadre institutionnel et l’utilisation des instruments de politique au Canada.

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  • 28-October-2002


    Regulatory Policies in OECD Countries: From Interventionism to Regulatory Governance

    In the past 20 years, few reforms of the public sector have received more attention, and stimulated more controversy, than the reforms made to regulation making and regulatory management. The rise of regulatory policies -explicit policies aimed a...

  • 8-octobre-2002


    Examens de l'OCDE de la réforme de la réglementation : Pologne 2002

    La Pologne a connu une profonde mutation dans les années 90 en effectuant la transition d’une économie planifiée à une économie de marché. La libéralisation de l’activité économique et la démocratisation des institutions publiques ont été vigoureuses et d’une grande ampleur.

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  • 28-March-2002

    English, , 645kb

    Government Capacity to Assure High Quality Regulation in Korea

    Can the national administration ensure that social and economic regulations are based on core principles of good regulation? Regulatory reform requires clear policies and the administrative machinery to carry them out, backed by concrete politica...

  • 27-March-2002

    English, , 179kb

    Note and preliminary agenda, Merida

    The following note and preliminary agenda details the Mexico workshop to be organised in Merida, Mexico on 24-25 April 2002.

  • 27-March-2002

    English, , 25kb

    Immigration and transportation factsheet

    Following up the invitation to the Second Workshop of the APEC-OECD Co-operative Initiative on Regulatory Reform to be held in Merida, Mexico on 24-25 April, we would like to provide all delegates with specific information regarding visa requirem...

  • 24-janvier-2002


  • 24-January-2002


    Instruments for Monitoring Progress in Policy Reform

    The policy statements presented in this first edition of the Monitoring Instruments describe the programme of structural reform in Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Romania.

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  • 4-January-2002

    English, , 173kb


    Entrepreneurship and business activities are shaped not only by markets, but also by regulatory and administrative environments established by governments. Regulations and formalities are important tools used by governments to carry out public po...

  • 4-January-2002

    English, , 36kb


    The Lisbon European Council (spring 2000) asked the Commission "to set out a strategy for further co-ordinated action to simplify the regulatory environment", as a consequence of the effects of the global economy and the faster development of new...

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