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  • 29-March-2016


    Global mayors join forces to address inequalities and foster inclusive growth in cities worldwide

    Mayors from cities across the United States, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America gathered in New York to launch a global campaign to address rising inequalities and foster inclusive growth in their cities, in their countries and worldwide.

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  • 25-March-2016


    OECD Reviews of School Resources: Lithuania 2016

    The effective use of school resources is a policy priority across OECD countries. The OECD Reviews of School Resources explore how resources can be governed, distributed, utilised and managed to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education.
    The series considers four types of resources: financial resources, such as public funding of individual schools; human resources, such as teachers, school leaders and education administrators; physical resources, such as location, buildings and equipment; and other resources, such as learning time.
    This series offers timely policy advice to both governments and the education community. It includes both country reports and thematic studies.

  • 21-March-2016


    New Approaches to Economic Challenges in a Century of Cities

    Blog article on the complex and multi-dimensional challenges faced by city policy-makers in addressing urban issues at all levels of government.

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  • 16-March-2016


    Committing to Effective Whistleblower Protection

    Whistleblower protection is essential for safeguarding the public interest, for promoting a culture of accountability and integrity in both public and private institutions, and for encouraging the reporting of misconduct, fraud and corruption wherever it occurs. While many countries are increasingly developing legal frameworks to protect whistleblowers, more can be done to mainstream integrity and promote open organisational cultures. This report analyses whistleblower protection frameworks in OECD countries, identifies areas for reform and proposes next steps to strengthen effective and comprehensive whistleblower protection laws in both the public and private sectors.

  • 8-March-2016


    Conference on improving women's access to leadership: What works?

    Paris, 8 March 2016: Organised on International Women's Day, the OECD hosted a conference to consider policy approaches to closing leadership gender gaps in the public and corporate sectors.

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  • 8-mars-2016


    Les pays de l'OCDE affirment leur volonté de renforcer l'égalité hommes-femmes aux postes de direction dans le secteur public

    Les pays de l'OCDE renforcent leur détermination en faveur d’une plus grande égalité entre hommes et femmes dans la vie publique – notamment au sein des administrations publiques, des parlements et des instances judiciaires – à l'aide de mesures concrètes visant à améliorer l'accès des femmes aux postes de direction et de décision et à intégrer davantage la notion de parité dans les politiques publiques.

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  • 19-février-2016


    Le gouvernement ouvert en Tunisie

    La Revue du Gouvernement ouvert en Tunisie est la première de son genre à analyser les politiques et les pratiques de gouvernement ouvert ainsi que l’application de leur cadre institutionnel et juridique selon les instruments de l’OCDE. L’analyse se concentre sur la façon d’améliorer l'ouverture du secteur public, la transparence et la responsabilisation pour ainsi favoriser la confiance dans le gouvernement. Ainsi, l’analyse évalue la cohérence et la coordination des politiques de gouvernement ouvert, la participation des citoyens dans l’élaboration des politiques publiques, la gestion des finances publiques, les initiatives anti-corruption et d’intégrité, le rôle des technologies de l’information et de la communication et des médias sociaux. Elle inclut également des études de cas du gouvernement ouvert et du développement local. En rassemblant une multitude d’instruments de l’OCDE et d’expertises dans différents domaines de gouvernance publique, la revue fournit aux décideurs politiques tunisiens, aux fonctionnaires du secteur public et aux activistes de la société civile des indications pratiques concernant la façon d’améliorer et de mettre en œuvre avec succès leur programme national de gouvernement ouvert. De plus, la revue contient une liste de recommandations qui ont été incluses dans le premier Plan d'action de la Tunisie pour le Partenariat pour un gouvernement ouvert.

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  • 11-February-2016


    Water Governance in Cities

    Urban, demographic and climate trends are increasingly exposing cities to risks of having too little, too much and too polluted water. Facing these challenges requires robust public policies and sound governance frameworks to co-ordinate across multiple scales, authorities, and policy domains. Building on a survey of 48 cities in OECD countries and emerging economies, the report analyses key factors affecting urban water governance, discusses trends in allocating roles and responsibilities across levels of government, and assesses multi-level governance gaps in urban water management. It provides a framework for mitigating territorial and institutional fragmentation and raising the profile of water in the broader sustainable development agenda, focusing in particular on the contribution of metropolitan governance, rural-urban partnerships and stakeholder engagement.

  • 8-February-2016


    World Government Summit, Dubai, 2016

    The World Government Summit brings together over 3500 ministers, government officials, experts, representatives from the private sector and civil society to discuss the future of government and public service delivery.

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  • 5-February-2016


    Rebooting Public Service Delivery - How can Open Government Data help drive innovation?

    Study outlining how OECD countries are dealing with the challenges of Open Government Data with a special chapter on the policy context of OGD in the United Arab Emirates.

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