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  • 12-octobre-2010


    Les dirigeants dont lesquels les gouvernements sous pression budgétaire sont au cœur des réformes du secteur public, selon l'OCDE

    Les plans de relance économique et les mesures d'austérité placent les hauts responsables de l’administration électronique au centre des réformes du secteur public.

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  • 12-July-2010


    Good Governance for Digital Policies: How to Get the Most Out of ICT – the Case of Spain’s Plan Avanza

    Plan Avanza has created a large-scale information society agenda addressing the need for international and inter-regional convergence in ICT access and use, and greater integration of citizens, businesses and the public administration into the information society.

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  • 3-June-2010


    Denmark well-placed to make the public sector more efficient and effective

    Denmark is at the forefront of efforts made by countries around the world to provide and use e-government services; and e-government in Denmark is clearly positioned to foster a more efficient and effective public sector and to provide services that are more responsive to the users’ needs.

  • 29-avril-2010


  • 28-avril-2010

    Français, , 256kb

    Séminaire de l’OCDE sur les indicateurs de l’administration électronique - Programme 29-30 mars 2010

    Séminaire de l’OCDE sur les indicateurs de l’administration électronique - Programme.

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 248kb

    Future Directions for Government at a Glance

    Presentation from Zsuzsanna Lonti OECD

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 70kb

    OECD E-Government Project – E-Government Indicators Strengths and Ongoing Questions

    Presentation from Theresa Pardo, University of Albany, United States

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 2,338kb

    Measuring the performance and impact of e-government in Korea

    Presentation from Jun Han Sung Ministry of Public Administration and Security National Information Society Agency

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 108kb

    A New Framework and Methodology for E-Government Indicators

    Presentation from Yih-Jeou Wang and Barbara Ubaldi, OECD

  • 27-April-2010

    English, , 157kb

    E-Government Indicators: A proposal

    Presentation from Giacomo Sbrana, External consultant OECD

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