Anti-corruption et intégrité dans le secteur public

The Governance and Development Seminar, Brazil


Brasilia,  3-6 November 2014


The Governance and Development Seminar, held in Brasilia November 3-6 by Brazil’s Federal Court of Accounts (Tribunal de Contas da União – TUC), provided a valuable forum for constructive inter-institutional and cross-country dialogue on key aspects of governance and development, in the context of the ongoing international study between the OECD and TCU.

The OECD and TCU presented the analytical framework entitled “Partners for Good Governance: Mapping the role of Supreme Audit Institutions”, which explores the ways Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) are using their audit and counselling work to contribute to key areas of governance.

Experts from the subnational, national and supranational level shared good practices and challenges in establishing sound budgetary governance, balanced and effective regulatory policy, strategy and foresight in the centre of government and coherence in internal control.
The event, led by TCU President Augusto Nardes, gathered high-level attendance from a wide-range of groups including the Brazilian Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, state-level administration, academia, the private sector and civil society. Insightful examples were shared by representatives of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Portugal, Poland, South Africa and the US, as well as international actors including the US’ Office of Management and Budget and the International Federation of Accountants.

The depth of participants’ engagement and support for the thematic areas of the OECD-TCU analytical framework was a motivating force for the upcoming phases of the ongoing collaboration, which spans into 2016.

The Governance and Development Seminar was an important landmark for the study, which aims to inspire and inform dialogues amongst SAIs and between SAIs and country stakeholders on their role in supporting good governance.






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