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  • 11-December-2019


    Working and Learning Together - Rethinking Human Resource Policies for Schools

    The staff working in schools are the most important resource for today’s education systems, both educationally and financially. This report aims to provide guidance for the design of human resource policies that strengthen, recognise and preserve the positive impact that teachers, school leaders and other school staff have on their students. It offers an in-depth analysis of how human resource policies can make the best use of available resources to create supportive working environments and build both individual and collective professional capacity in schools. This includes the design of entry requirements, career structures, salary schedules and working time arrangements to attract, retain and motivate high-quality staff; the effective and equitable matching of staff with schools through fair and transparent staff funding and recruitment; and informed investments in professional learning, from initial preparation to continuing development. Throughout its analysis, the report looks at implementation challenges and considers under which conditions human resource policy reforms are most likely to have the desired effects on schools and their staff. This report is the third in a series of thematic comparative reports bringing together findings from the OECD School Resources Review.
  • 9-December-2019


    9th OECD High Level Risk Forum

    The OECD High Level Risk Forum provides a platform for risk managers to forge a collective vision on the most critical risks and how to manage them.

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  • 6-December-2019


    Public Procurement in Kazakhstan - Reforming for Efficiency

    This publication outlines the substantial progress made in improving Kazakhstan’s procurement system, most notably implementing e-procurement. Drawing on international good practices, the review includes policy recommendations to help the government in Kazakhstan achieve further necessary reforms to meet international standards.
  • 5-décembre-2019


    Statistiques des recettes publiques 2019

    Les données sur les recettes des administrations publiques, et sur le produit de la fiscalité en particulier, constituent la base de la plupart des travaux de description des structures économiques et d’analyse économique, et sont de plus en plus utilisées pour comparaisons internationales. Cette publication annuelle présente un cadre conceptuel dont le but est de définir les recettes publiques devant être assimilées à des impôts et de classifier les différentes catégories d’impôts. Elle constitue également un ensemble unique de statistiques fiscales détaillées et comparables au niveau international, utilisant une présentation identique pour tous les pays de l’OCDE depuis 1965.
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  • 5-December-2019


    Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Italy

    Universities’ entrepreneurship and innovative practices are burgeoning all over Italy. Some of these practices resonate at the international level while others have a local impact. Italian higher education faces some important challenges and actions need to be taken to unleash its full potential. Promoting the entrepreneurial and innovation agenda can help Italy improve the overall performance of the higher education system, and of individual universities, in all regions. The government has started providing a strategic support to engagement, which could catalyse Italy’s innovation capacity, human capital endowment, and well-being. This review illustrates policy actions promoting the entrepreneurial and innovative activities in the Italian Higher Education System, and focuses on 11 case study universities. It discusses strategies and practices adopted by Italian higher education institutions to innovate, engage, and generate value for the society and the economy. This review is part of a series of national reports implementing the HEinnovate framework. HEinnovate is a guiding framework that the OECD and the European Commission have developed to promote the 'entrepreneurial and innovation agenda' in higher education.
  • 29-November-2019


    Trade in Counterfeit Products and the UK Economy - 2019 Update

    This study updates the results of the 2017 OECD report Fake Goods, Real Losses. Trade in Counterfeit Products and the UK Economy. It assesses the magnitude and scale of counterfeit trade in the UK context and provides quantitative assessment of its direct, economic impacts through a methodology developed for the 2017 study.

  • 28-November-2019


    Trade in counterfeit goods costs UK economy billions of euros

    The global trade in fake goods, from cosmetics to car parts, is costing the UK economy billions of dollars a year in forgone company sales, overpriced products and tax revenues, and was behind more than 86,000 lost jobs in 2016, according to a new OECD report.

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  • 26-novembre-2019


    Revue du système de passation des marchés publics en Algérie - Vers un système efficient, ouvert et inclusif

    Représentant plus de 20% du PIB en Algérie, les marchés publics ont un impact considérable sur l’économie du pays, l’efficience du secteur public et sur la confiance des citoyens. Cette revue souligne les forces et les opportunités d’amélioration du système de passation des marchés publics dans un certain nombre de domaines : le cadre institutionnel et règlementaire, la concurrence, la transparence et la digitalisation du système, son intégrité, son efficience, l’utilisation stratégique des marchés publics et le renforcement des capacités des acteurs du système de passation des marchés publics.
  • 21-November-2019


    Health in the 21st Century - Putting Data to Work for Stronger Health Systems

    This report explores how data and digital technology can help achieve policy objectives and drive positive transformation in the health sector while managing new risks such as privacy, equity and implementation costs. It examines the following topics: improving service delivery models; empowering people to take an active role in their health and their care; improving public health; managing biomedical technologies; enabling better collaboration across borders; and improving health system governance and stewardship. It also examines how health workforces should be equipped to make the most of digital technology. The report contains findings from surveys of OECD countries and shares a range of examples that illustrate the potential benefits as well as challenges of the digital transformation in the health sector. Findings and recommendations are relevant for policymakers, health care providers, payers, industry as well as patients, citizens and civil society.
  • 20-novembre-2019


    Le gouvernement ouvert à Salé au Maroc

    Ce rapport analyse les cadres juridiques et institutionnels, les politiques publiques et les pratiques en matière de gouvernement ouvert de la commune de Salé au Maroc. Dans le contexte d'un nouveau cadre juridique pour les collectivités territoriales adopté en 2015, il contient des recommandations susceptibles d’aider la commune de Salé à adopter une approche plus stratégique et cohérente en matière des initiatives du gouvernement ouvert et pour établir de nouveaux mécanismes de participation, de transparence et de responsabilité.
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