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  • 16-January-2014


    Take the Government at a Glance Quiz

    Taking a ruler to our rulers: Government at a Glance Quiz

  • 15-janvier-2014


    Ensemble pour améliorer les services publics - Partenariat avec les citoyens et la société civile

    Le présent rapport porte sur des approches novatrices de la prestation des services publics fondées sur des partenariats que les pouvoirs publics forment avec les citoyens, les usagers et les organisations de la société civile. Ces approches – dénommées co-production – peuvent apporter des réponses créatives qui permettent aux pouvoirs publics de fournir des services publics de meilleure qualité en période de restrictions

  • 10-January-2014


    Regulatory Policy and Behavioural Economics

    Over the past five years, behavioural economics has been rapidly propelled from the margins of economic analysis towards the policy mainstream. In this context, this study offers an international review of the initial applications of behavioural economics to policy, with a particular focus on regulatory policy. It describes the extent to which behavioural findings have begun to influence public policy in a number of OECD countries,

  • 9-January-2014


    Behavioural economics

    Understanding how people behave can help governments and regulators design and deliver policies which enable citizens to make better decisions and actions for themselves.

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  • 3-January-2014


    Blog: Transparency and governance in the land sector - Two sides of the same coin?

    This blog, written by ODI's Anna Locke, discusses land governance and transparency definitions, initiatives and key lessons. The post is part of Wikiprogress' spotlight on governance.

  • 20-December-2013


    Blog: Trust in Government - Causes, consequences and solutions

    This blog post on trust in governments is a compilation of presentations given at the OECD Workshop entitled "Joint Learning for an OECD Trust Strategy", held on 14 October 2013.

  • 17-December-2013


    The Use of Social Media in Risk and Crisis Communication

    This report highlights the changing landscape of risk and crisis communications and in particular how social media can be a beneficial tool, but also create challenges for crisis managers.

  • 11-December-2013


    3rd OECD High Level Risk Forum

    The OECD High Level Risk Forum (HLRF) brings together policy makers from government, practitioners from the private sector and civil society, and experts from think tanks and academia to identify and share good practices with the aim to deepen understanding of how to govern and manage complex national risks.

  • 6-December-2013


    Blog: Government at a Glance - Well-being and quality of public service provision

    This blog, by Wikichild co-ordinator Melinda George, takes a look at the well-being aspects and the quality of public service provision in the OECD's "Government at a Glance 2013" report. The post is part of Wikiprogress' December spotlight on governance.

  • 5-décembre-2013


    Aix-Marseille à la croisée des chemins : surmonter les fragmentations pour une métropole plus forte

    Un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE indique que la métropole d’Aix-Marseille doit surmonter ses fragmentations en matière de gouvernance afin de renouer avec une croissance plus inclusive et durable.

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