• 9-March-2012


    Combating Global Headwinds: the OECD Perspective

    Tackling the economic crisis, implementing structural reforms, generating jobs, mitigating climate change and reversing inequality are huge challenges that we can overcome if we work together, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 8-March-2012


    4th OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers (opening remarks)

    Green and Growth can go together, provided that the appropriate framework and the right economic and regulatory incentives are in place to encourage sustainable use of our resources and the environment, said Angel Gurría.

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  • 8-mars-2012


    Table ronde de l'OCDE des maires et ministres : Mobiliser l’investissement au service de la durabilité urbaine, de la création d’emplois et d’une croissance résiliente

    La 4ème Table ronde de l’OCDE des maires et des ministres, qui a eu lieu cette année à Chicago, Illinois (États-Unis), les 8 et 9 mars 2012, offrait une occasion unique de faire avancer les stratégies globales en faveur d’une politique urbaine plus robuste et plus efficace.

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  • 20-September-2011


    Openness and Transparency - Pillars for Democracy, Trust and Progress

    Openness is one of the key values that guide the OECD vision for a stronger, cleaner, fairer world. This is why the OECD welcomes the launch of the Open Government Partnership today and the efforts led by Presidents Obama and Rousseff to promote government transparency, fight corruption, empower citizens and maximise the potential of new technologies to strengthen accountability and foster participation in public affairs.

  • 25-octobre-2010


    États-Unis: Rétablir la stabilité budgétaire

    Comme la quasi-totalité des autres pays de l'OCDE, les États-Unis sont confrontés à des perspectives budgétaires difficiles. Le déficit du budget fédéral s'est considérablement creusé au cours de la récession.

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  • 8-avril-2010


    Les dépenses fiscales dans les pays de l'OCDE - publication de l'OCDE

    Cet ouvrage étudie l’emploi des dépenses fiscales dans 10 pays de l’OCDE : Allemagne, Canada, Corée, Espagne, États-Unis, France, Japon, Pays-Bas, Suède et Royaume-Uni. Il met en lumière les tendances clés et les pratiques fructueuses.

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  • 21-December-2009


    Tools for Regulatory Quality and Financial Sector Regulation: A Cross-country Perspective

    This Working Paper provides a comparative perspective on the application of quality regulation principles to financial sector regulators, in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and France.

  • 18-August-2009

    English, , 212kb

    Outcome-focused Management in the United States

    The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA, the Results Act) established a performance management framework for federal departments and agencies. The framework consists of agency Strategic Plans, Annual Performance Plans and Annual Performance Reports. Additionally, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) annually prepares a Government-wide Performance Plan. Approximately 100 Cabinet departments,

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  • 13-August-2009

    English, , 153kb

    Countering Uncertainty in Budget Forecasts

    Federal budget procedures in the United States require forecasts and projections over several distinct periods of time: short term (18-24 months ahead), medium term (both 5- and 10-year horizons), and long term (as much as 75 years in the future). In the United States, the intermediate estimates have taken on increased significance with many press accounts referring to 10-year estimates. In addition to various time periods, the

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  • 11-August-2009

    English, , 192kb

    Accountability Institutions and the Policy Process: The United States Experience

    Accountability is now acknowledged as an important element in good governance in the public sector. The term itself is complex, covering many aspects including: the move from accounting to accountability; the need to increase transparency; the importance of the political interface; the distinction between internal and external accountability; the use of accountability information; the interaction of accountability systems with other

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