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  • 29-November-2002

    Russian, , 283kb

    Russian version - Best practices for budget transparency

    Published in the OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 1, Number 3 (2001), the guidelines on transparency in the budget process relate to: budget reports; specific disclosures; and integrity, control and accountability.

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  • 27-février-2002

    Français, , 20kb

    Gestion et budgétisation centrées sur les résultats : Glossaire

    Ce document contient une liste de définitions pour faciliter les discussions en matière de budgétisation et de gestion axées sur les résultats.

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  • 24-January-2002


    Global Forum on Social Equity, Economic Growth and Good Governance

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 23-24 November 2001 Part of the The OECD-Southern Africa Dialogue, the forum discussed different national approaches to strengthening the triangulation of good public governance, economic growth and social equity.

  • 23-January-2002


    Governing for Performance in the Public Sector, OECD/Germany High-level Symposium

    Information on a OECD/Germany High-level Symposium, "Governing for Performance in the Public Sector", Berlin, 13-14 March 2002

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  • 4-January-2002


    Devolving and Delegating Power to More Autonomous Public Bodies and Controlling Them: The Governance of Public Agencies and Authorities

    Conference for High-Level Officials, held in Bratislava on 22-23 November 2001, hosted by the Government of the Slovak Republic and organised by the Public Management Service of the OECD (PUMA).

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  • 22-November-2001

    English, , 11kb

    Welcoming Address

    Welcoming Address by His Excellency Mr. Ivan Miklos, Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the Slovak Republic, at the Conference for High-Level Officials "Devolving and Delegating Power to More Autonomous Public Bodies and Controlling Th...

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  • 10-mars-1997

    Français, , 2,647kb

    Budgétisation moderne (publication)

    D'importantes réformes budgétaires en 1994-95 ont visé à donner aux organismes dépensiers plus de souplesse dans l'utilisation de leurs ressources, à charge pour eux d'assumer la responsibilité des résultats obtenus.

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  • 13-August-1996

    English, , 3,938kb

    Performance Management in Government: Contemporary Illustrations, Public Management Occasional Papers No. 9

    This collection of papers illustrates the increasing momentum of performance management developments in OECD countries and raises many common issues which must be faced when developing a focus on performance as part of overall public management reform.

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