• 24-April-2012

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  • 15-February-2012


    Literacy, Numeracy and Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments - Framework for the OECD Survey of Adult Skills

    This report maps the development of the Programme, from determining what should be measured, to defining the meaning of PIAAC’s three core domains.

  • 9-November-2011


    World Energy Outlook 2011

    WEO-2011 provides invaluable insights into how the energy system could evolve over the next quarter of a century. The book is essential reading for anyone with a stake in the energy sector.

  • 8-November-2011

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    G20: Pursuing Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth: Taking stock of structural reform commitments

    This Report builds on the lessons learned from the OECD’s regular surveillance of structural policies in G20 countries (reported in Going for Growth), which focuses on a number of policy areas highlighted in the Seoul Action Plan (and subsequent updates) for structural reform in pursuit of strong, sustainable and balanced growth. On the basis of preliminary analysis, the Report takes stock of implementation of Going for Growth

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  • 8-November-2011

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    G20: Pursuing Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth: A note on implementation of structural reform commitments

    This Note reports on implementation of the structural reform commitments identified by G20 countries in the Seoul Action Plan and subsequent updates, and reported in greater detail in the national policy templates. In doing so, the Note complements the preliminary Report (Pursuing Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth: Taking Stock of Structural Reform Commitments) submitted to the Framework Working Group and the G20 Deputies ahead

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  • 31-October-2011

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    International capital flows: Structural reforms and experience with the OECD Code of Liberalisation of Capital Movements

    The dramatic increase in international capital flows, despite a temporary contraction during the global crisis, has motivated policy discussions on the associated benefits and costs of capital mobility. While international capital movements can support long-term growth, they also pose short-term policy challenges, including those associated with undesirable consequences of exchange-rate appreciation, financial and asset-price cycles

  • 21-juin-2011


    Le Canada et l'OCDE, 50 ans de progrès - Dossier spécial de L'Observateur de l'OCDE

    « En tant que l’un des 19 membres fondateurs de l’OCDE, le Canada en a grandement bénéficié et y a aussi beaucoup contribué au cours des 50 dernières années », affirme Judith A. LaRocque, Ambassadeur du Canada auprès de l’OCDE.

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  • 15-June-2011


    Climate and Electricity Annual 2011 - Data and Analyses

    The IEA Climate and Electricity Annual 2011 provides an authoritative resource on progress to date in this area, with statistics related to CO2 and the electricity sector across ten regions of the world.

  • 15-June-2011


    Harnessing Variable Renewables - A Guide To The Balancing Challenge

    Written for decision makers, Harnessing Variable Renewables: a Guide to the Balancing Challenge sheds light on managing power systems with large shares of variable renewables.

  • 26-mai-2011

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    Rapport du Secrétaire général aux ministres 2011

    Le Secrétaire général de l'OCDE Angel Gurría partage, dans ce rapport annuel aux ministres, ses Orientations stratégiques pour 2011 et au-delà : définir les priorités pour les 50 prochaines années.

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